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Pixie Dusting Supplements

By Bryan Kernan author of Bodybuilding Supplement Secrets

Bodybuilding Supplement Pixie Dusting

There are a few different definitions of "pixie dusting" but the one that applies to supplements is the use of just enough of a fad element to be able to list the item on the label of the product.

In essence you won't be getting enough of the element to make any real difference in your body's performance or reaction. However, since the product states that the element is in the product, you think you are actually getting a benefit. There may be some placebo enhancement here, but the bottom line is that you are being ripped off.

Pixie dusting often occurs with exotic elements but it can also crop up in standard supplement products. Even vitamins and minerals can fall prey to this shady way of doing business. For instance, many multi-vitamin and mineral products state they contain all the standard vitamins and minerals, but when you examine the label further, you find that it only contains miniscule amounts of certain vitamins and minerals. This is especially true for elements such as zinc and biotin.

And it is often true of more exotic supplements as well. A supplement many contain 10 micrograms of the element per serving, but in order to be effective, you may need half a gram per serving. But the price you pay for the supplement makes you think you are getting a lot of it while it just isn't true.

How do you bust pixie dusting? Look at the serving size of the element or elements in question. If the serving size is small, so too will be the effect.

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