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Planet Muscle Magazine

Planet Muscle magazine launched in 2002, and is a bodybuilding magazine you can count on for truth, reliability and accurate information on training and supplement information.

Planet Muscle Review

Planet Muscle Magazine has been around since 2002. This magazine's intent is to let bodybuilders and athletes know the truth about fitness, supplements and nutrition. You will find reliable and truthful information in Planet Muscle magazine along with some of the best training information you will find. This magazine is unlike all the others, and strives to maintain a unique identity.

The founder of Planet Muscle magazine feels that the bodybuilding market is filled with publications that are the same old thing rehashed. This magazine isn't intended to compete with some of the most popular bodybuilding magazines, but to be cutting edge and provide practical, honest information. Planet Muscle is a magazine with a different approach from all the rest.

Jeff Everson Planet Muscle

Jeff Everson, founder of Planet Muscle, thinks on a different level than most people. He believes that you cannot achieve maximum fitness without a few other factors - maximum health, happiness and good nutrition. You must enjoy life and truly desire to be your very best self.

He also believes that many of the other popular bodybuilding magazines have saturated the market, and that most are alike - they want to turn big profits. His goal is to produce a top quality fitness magazine without all the hype the others have.

Planet Muscle Back Issues

Every serious bodybuilder would love to have a collection of Musclemag back issues. In fact, many actually do collect fitness magazines.

Have you seen a current issue, and decided you may want to take a look at some Planet Muscle back issues? Whether you are just curious or collect fitness publications, you can get back issues here on our site. Go to Planet Muscle Back Issues.

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