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Power Factor Training

Power Factor Training
by Peter Sisco and John Little

Bodybuilding experts Peter Sisco and John Little present a revolutionary new system for building maximum muscle in a minimum amount of time. "Power Factor Training" emphasizes very heavy overloading of the musculature and long rest periods between workouts, resulting in amazing gains in size and strength. This astounding guide details the proven physiological principles of the program, answers specific training questions, and outlines a concise workout schedule that is sure to benefit beginning, intermediate, and advanced bodybuilders.


"The book lays out a very clear, easy-to-follow, systematic approach to maximizing the benefits of weight training. I have made gargantuan gains of epic proportions since purchasing the book less than two months ago. Prior to that, I had basically hit a plateau and was struggling simply to maintain strength and not backslide. "

"I lifted using the Power Factor Training principles just over 7 years ago. I experienced tremendous growth and strength increases. My only fault was that I stopped lifting when my first child was born. I was the strongest I had ever been, and that was on full repetition exercises. I had my doubts at first, but utilized the system for about four to five months religiously. I then went back to full repetition lifting, every lift went up. As a previous review stated, it may not be for everyone, but until you try, you will not know whether or not it is for you. "

Paperback 256 pages

Condition Used Good

Power Factor Training
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