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Protein Before Bed

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Taking Protein At Night Before Bed

According to the nutrition experts, there are actually four times it's important to get extra protein. First is after waking up, next would be an hour or an hour and a half before you start your workout, third is after working out, and lastly is taking protein before bed.

Some people take protein before bed simply because they want to have muscle breakdown while they sleep. This is essential especially for those who are working out at night. Of course, the amount of protein that your body will need during the night will be less compared to the amount of protein that it needs during the day time.

More often than not, bodybuilders opt to consume whey protein when they workout during the day. However, this type of protein is not really advisable if you want to have it before bed. It is true that whey protein can be easily digested by the body. But if you would take whey protein before bed, you may not have sufficient amount of protein when you need it once you wake up.

Getting casein protein before bed is what bodybuilders usually recommend. Casein protein does not dissolve immediately in the body, making it suitable to be taken during the night. It would usually take six up to eight hours before it is fully digested. While the protein works in your body while you sleep, you will still have sufficient amount of protein as you wake up the next day.

You can get casein protein in pill or powder form. But there are also natural sources of casein so you can still have protein before bed. Some of these foods that are rich in casein include the cottage cheese, yogurt, quark, and skim milk. With the milk and the cheese you would not only get casein protein before bed but whey protein as well. This option is great for those who are already taking protein pills or powder supplements during the day. At least you will get to consume whole protein in a less expensive and more natural way. Other than that, these sources have more flavor compared to the powdered protein supplements as well.

However, those who are lactose intolerant may have trouble eating these casein-enriched foods. But they also have other options such as meat, fish, poultry as well as supplements so they too can have protein before bed and have enough protein to last through the night.

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