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Protein Supplement Effects

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Effects of Protein Supplements

What are the effects of protein supplements on the body?

It is true that anything and everything that you do will have an effect in your body, may it be negative or positive. The same goes for all the foods and supplements that you consume as well. Those who are building muscles and sculpting their bodies know the right foods that they should include to have a well-balanced meal. And most of them do not forget to include supplements like protein because they are aware of the effects that it could give their bodies. Here is a list of the various protein supplement effects if you want to include it in your daily routine.

Protein supplement effect # 1: Helps you lose weight

One of the best protein supplement effects is to aid you in losing unwanted fat and excess weight. The carbohydrates in your body can be reduced immediately. There will be tons of health benefits as a result of this lower carbohydrates including improvement in the blood glucose, allows you to feel full without eating as much, and even reducing your triglyceride concentrations.

Protein supplement effect # 2: Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases

If you would increase your protein intake by as much as 23 percent, you can actually lower the LDL or the bad cholesterol in your body. Thus, protecting yourself from cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke.

Protein supplement effect # 3: Increases muscle growth

This is actually possible because of the increase in the IGF-1. The IGF-1 is a hormone that is associated with muscle growth which grows when there is a high level of amino acids and protein in the body.

Protein supplement effect #4: Improved metabolism

The higher the amout of protein that you take the better will be your metabolism. The enzymes in your body that are responsible for reducing fatty acids will adjust when you take protein supplements. Aside from that, the GNG or gluconeogenesis (metabolic pathway) will also increase as well.

Protein supplement effect #5: Enhances endurance and heals muscles faster

It is one of the major reasons why bodybuilders take protein supplements along with their strict diet. Since their exercise routines are very strenuous, they need something that help them recover and heal their muscles fast. This would allow their bodies to endure more intense workouts in just a couple of days. Therefore, they would get to build more lean and hard muscles faster.

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