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Protein Supplement Reviews

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When buying products, particularly items that you think would be beneficial to your health, what do you think attracts you the most? Is it the advertisement, the colorful label, or the testimonials?

As for those who are interested in supplements like protein, they usually first look for protein supplement reviews. With all the protein supplement products that are on the market today, reading numerous protein supplement reviews is very essential. By doing so, it would allow you to choose wisely which product you should purchase especially if you are new to using supplements.

When taking time to read the protein supplement reviews, you should keep in mind that the positive feedback is not the only thing you are looking for. You must also take note of the adverse effects of the product at the same time. In this way, you will know adverse effects you should expect from the brand. But since protein supplements are very safe, legal, and effective without risking your health, for sure you would not have any health problems as long as you get it from legit sellers.

There is more to it than your body’s health when reading the protein supplement reviews. Another advantage of knowing the various protein supplement reviews is that you get to compare the prices of the different protein supplement brands as well. Sure you would not mind paying a couple of bucks higher to get the best protein supplement to help with your muscle-building goals.

Although there are many protein supplement reviews that you can read online, you can also get these reviews from your gym mates as well. From them, you can immediately see if the protein supplement brand they are using is as effective as the online protein supplement reviews claim to be.

Best Protein Supplement Reviews

1. Whey Protein Concentrate – it is a form of whey that has low cholesterol and fat levels. However, it is high in lactose, which has carbohydrates and bioactive compounds.

2. Calcium Caseinate – digests at a slower rate than whey protein, giving the body a sustained protein release. Many bodybuilders and athletes take it before bed to supply their bodie with much-needed protein while they sleep.

3. Whey Protein Isolate – the most pure form of whey protein you can get. It contains very little fat and lactose. Be sure to use whey protein isolate to get high quality protein without extra carbohydrates and fat when on a diet.

4. Hydrolyzed Whey – a type of whey that can be absorbed by the body faster than the first two mentioned and also has a reduced potential for allergic reactions versus other forms of whey protein.

5. Micellar casein – a slow digesting protein that continues to feed your muscles long after other whey proteins have been used up, this prevents the breakdown of muscle by your body.

6. Egg Protein - has the higest biological value of all other proteins, and is considered the "gold standard" for protein quality. Egg protein contains all the essential amino acids in the correct proportions needed for muscle growth.

7. Amino Acids - are the building blocks of proteins. When you take any other protein supplement your body has to break it down to get the amino acids it contains. That is why I feel pure amino acids is the best protein supplement you can use for building lean muscle mass, because your body can use it right away and it contains no fat or carbohydrates.

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