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Pumping Iron Book

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Pumping Iron: The Art and Sport of Bodybuilding
by Charles Gaines and George Butler

"Who are they and why do they do it? - theses men who dedicate themselves to building bodies like Hellenistic statues; who crisscross the world competing for titles as grandious yet as publicly uncelebrated (Mr. America, Mr. Universe, Mr. Olympia) as their gargantuan physiques; whose lives are as rigidly defined and regulated by their obsession to mold the ideal body as any other master athlete's is towards perfecting his craft. Yet, rather then the public acclaim that normally follows an athletic triumph, only their fellow muscle men know who they are and know the price they have paid to win their incredible bodies."

The Pumping Iron Book is the Bible of bodybuilding. It is centered around a not-then-well-known Arnold Schwarzeneggar in his quest for the ultimate bodybuilding title, the Mr. Olympia. Take a trip back to 1973 and see the true champions and pioneers of bodybuilding; Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Serge Nubret, Franco Columbu, Frank Zane, Ed Corney, Ken Waller, Steve Michalik, Mike Katz etc. Contains amazing black-and-white photos of all the greats at their best.

Paperback 224 pages

Condition Used Good

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