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Raw Eggs Bodybuilding

Raw Eggs Benefits

A common diet tip for bodybuilders is to eat at least 6 raw eggs daily. Eggs are an extremely good source of protein and have many other health benefits. Amino acids within eggs help keep you young, and a variety of other vitamins like vitamins A, D, E, niacin, and riboflavin help keep an individual healthy.

What many people donít know is that during the cooking process, the chemical balance within an egg is altered and many of the natural vitamins and amino acids are lost. While cooked eggs are still a good source of protein, they are not nearly as beneficial as raw eggs.

A huge concern for many individuals regarding eating raw eggs is that they may contract salmonella. This is a risk, but definitely a low one as the FDA has said that less than one out of every 30,000 eggs will contain salmonella. Especially for bodybuilders, or those who are looking to add muscle fast, the benefits from eating raw eggs definitely outweighs the risk.

Another reason many people do not eat raw eggs is because they consider it to be unappetizing. While eating eggs raw does not taste as good as eating cooked eggs, there are still many ways to prepare raw eggs to make them more appetizing without losing any of the health benefits from eating raw eggs.

Raw Eggs Recipes

The first raw egg recipe is quite simple and just requires adding the raw eggs to a protein shake. Since you all ready use a blender, adding raw eggs to the shake will not take any time for preparation and the taste of the raw eggs won't be noticeable.

Another raw egg recipe is to blend raw eggs with milk and other healthy foods you enjoy such as almond butter or vegetables. This recipe can be altered to meet your tastes, but almost always is a good way to eliminate any unwanted taste from the raw egg. Many bodybuilders like to start their day by mixing a raw egg with a glass of vegetable juice for breakfast.

Be sure to eat raw eggs before and after a heavy weightlifting workout to further enhance the benefits received from eating raw eggs.

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