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Bodybuilding Rep Calculator

Bodybuilding Reps Chart

Reps and Weight Calculator

You can use this bodybuilding rep calculator to estimate your training weights for any rep ranges between 1 and 25.

Weight Used

How Many Reps

Approx. 1 rep
Approx. 25 reps
Approx. 20 reps
Approx. 15 reps
Approx. 12 reps
Approx. 10 reps
Approx. 8 reps
Approx. 6 reps
Approx. 5 reps
Approx. 4 reps
Approx. 3 reps


Enter "Weight Used" and "How Many Reps". The repetitions must be between 1 and 10. Press "Calculate" for the weights you should perform for the different rep ranges.

Multiple Rep Range Workout

Using Different Rep Ranges in Same Workout

The above rep range chart taken from the book Bodybuilding A Scientific Approach by Federick C. Hatfield, Ph.D "Dr. Squat".

Using the reps and weight calculator and the rep range chart you can use multiple rep ranges to build maximum power, maximum strength and maximum muscle size all in one workout.

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