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Reps Magazine

Reps Magazine was released in January 2006 and is a different kind of bodybuilding magazine than you have seen before. This magazine is for anyone, not just those aspiring to be a professional bodybuilder. Reps magazine strives to bring you the best on nutritional news, fat burning information and weight training advice in every issue.

Robert Kennedy's Reps Magazine Review

Robert Kennedy started Reps magazine, and from the minute it was released it was assumed that the publication would be of the top quality of another magazine he published, MuscleMag. Reps is a unique magazine, in that it doesn't put it's focus on professional bodybuilders.

This magazine is for the everyday person who wants to be fit and obtain a good physique that is nicely proportioned. Whether or not you ever intend to compete, this magazine is for the bodybuilder who wants to keep a healthy balance in his life.

Reps magazine is all about a healthy lifestyle. This includes the regular use of weight machines, cardio equipment and progressive resistance training with weights. Healthy eating, vigorous exercise, energy and physical excellence are some of the principles you will find in Reps magazine. You will also notice that this publication is totally opposed to obesity, drugs, alcohol abuse and tobacco.

Reps Magazine Back Issues

Reps magazine is a publication that is full of information important to health and vitality, and this information is timeless. If you are interested in Reps Magazine Back Issues, you will find them here on our site.

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