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Riptek Review

QNT Riptek V2 Fat Burner

Riptek V2 is a trademark of the Belgium-based Quality Nutrition Technology, or QNT. This fat burner supplement has been marketed by its manufacturers as the ultimate pill to increase energy and burn fat in your body. QNT also states that Riptek V2 can increase you fat metabolism by 12 times over normal and suppress the ability of your body to store fat. Riptek may also reduce your appetite without any weakness or loss of energy. This will help you burn more calories, gain muscle mass and build a leaner body. QNT also claims that unlike other fat burning products, you will not experience any nervousness, anxiety or energy crash after consuming Riptek.

Riptek Ingredients

Ripket's ability to improve fat metabolism is due an ingredient known as Capsimax, a special red pepper extract that helps improve your metabolism. Some studies, such as the one published in the 2010 issue of the journal "Lipids in Health and Disease," have supported these claims. During the study, which was conducted by the University of Memphis, researchers administered low dose of Capsimax or placebo to twenty participants, and found increased breakdown of fat in individuals taking Capsimax. QNT also states that Capsimax can increase oxygen uptake and airflow in the lungs. Another key ingredient in Riptek is Rhodiola Rosea, a herbal extract that activates fat-breaking enzymes in the body by stimulating the hormones responsible for them. This leads to increased breakdown of stored fat. Some studies also claim that Rhodiola Rosea can help manage stress by improving your body’s adaptability to challenging situations including exercise.

Riptek also contains a blend of natural plant extracts such as resvestarol, purple corn and acai berry that suppress your body’s natural tendency to store fat. An ammonium compound called berberine, a dietary fiber called glucomannan and significant amounts of caffeine in the supplement suppress your appetite. While most fat burning formulas make you crash once their effects wear off, a black pepper alkaloids known as piperine has been added to Riptek to prevent energy crashes.

Riptek Side Effects

Riptek has been associated with a number of side effects including dizziness, nausea and increased heart rate. Some users have also reported experiencing insomnia, jitters and headaches. The drug interactions of the supplement have not been documented scientifically.

Although, Riptek contains several valuable ingredients, there aren't enough of them in each pill. And with all the side effects it has, it is best talk to a doctor before using it.

QNT Riptek V2 Fat Burner Reviews

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