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Spirostim Dx4


No longer available.
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Spirostim represents the latest innovation in rapid anti-catabolic weight loss and is the only natural supplement combination in existence designed to specifically promote superior definition in a period of two weeks. This state-of-the-art formula combines the technology of an advanced clinically proven compound for maximum fat loss with the most potent natural anti-catabolics available for maximum muscle preservation. For decades natural bodybuilders and men & women athletes alike have struggled to take physique enhancement and muscle definition to its final level. Spirostim effectively addresses this problem for athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all stages. Now the same advanced technology used by top natural bodybuilders, fitness models and people "in the spotlight," who need to look incredible on short notice, is available to you.

"The biggest challenge of being a fitness model is having to look your absolute best on very short notice. Spirostim solved that problem and got me more ripped than I ever thought possible! Even after intense seasonal dieting I have never looked this good. This product is absolutely amazing."

Actual Spirostim Case Study of amateur bodybuilder, Joe Catalano, shows dramatic body composition changes after using 1 Spirostim kit in conjunction with the Spirostim program of diet and exercise. Test subject lost an incredible 18 lbs. overall while simultaneously adding 3.5 lbs. of lean body mass.

Actual Spirostim Case Study of swimsuit model, Denise Crowley, shows dramatic body composition changes after using 1 Spirostim kit in conjunction with the Spirostim program of diet and light cardiovascular exercise. Test subject lost an impressive 21 lbs. while maintaining her original level of lean body mass

Clinically Proven Thermogenic Combination Spirostim's advanced thermo-weight loss technology is inspired by a potent fat burning compound proven in numerous published clinical studies to accelerate the body's metabolism - in some cases up to 6 times its normal rate with an astounding 3-fold increase in the total rate of fat loss!

Potent State-of-the Art Muscle Preservation System Addressing the problem of increased muscle catabolism (muscle loss) due to extreme weight loss, Spirostim incorporates an unprecedented synergy of the most potent anti-catabolic substrates natural science has to offer. Competitive bodybuilders have reported an extraordinary ability to retain precious muscle mass while getting shredded due in large part to Spirostim's unique muscle-sparing combination.

Spirostim's Ultra-Ripped Finishing Compound Acquiring that final level of extreme definition is a question that has plagued men and women bodybuilders for years. Spirostim offers a comprehensive botanical blend of potent "skin thinning" agents designed to help safely expel excess fluid from under the skin for the ultimate in muscle definition. This process has proved vital for eliciting the final touch needed for successful bodybuilding competitions, photo shoots and special events.

To ensure the most dramatic results possible from Spirostim, each kit includes its own instructional guide designed for any number of athletic situations. Included are easy to follow guidelines for dietary intakes, training, supplementation and all other key elements you will need in order to achieve optimal results.

This 14-day extreme definition breakthrough is the only complete and comprehensive product of its kind on the market today. If you want to experience first hand how top bodybuilders and fitness competitors put it altogether fast, try Spirostim today!

No longer available.
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