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Strength Training Motivation

Motivational Tricks to Help Get You Strength Training

Most lifters - and even those who've hardly dabbled in it - are well aware of the benefits of strength training. They can be summarised quickly: improved health, better looking body and an elevated mood. For whatever reason though, summoning the energy and drive to actually go to your nearest gym can be a real struggle.

If you are finding it difficult to make your way to the gym when you're already so busy, you are not alone. Actually making the effort to get changed and get out the door is often the most difficult part. To provide you with that extra motivation you need to go out and start strength training, we've highlighted a number of different tricks you can use.

Lift with a partner or a group

The social aspect of weightlifting is often overlooked by newcomers. A spotter is an essential part of performing certain strength training exercises safely.

However, safety isn't the only benefit of lifting in tandem with a friend. Having someone else that has to travel to the gym to lift with you is a great way of keeping each other accountable. When it isn't just your own weightlifting progress at risk when you can't quite face the prospect of a tiring training session, you have that added incentive to keep going.

It also helps when you have that cheerleader alongside you congratulating you for every lift and encouraging you to push yourself that step further.

Having someone to share in your successes makes achieving your goals that much sweeter.

Think about how your body will look

For many people, strength training is something that they do purely for aesthetic reasons. We live in an image-obsessed society propped up on unrealistic depictions of the 1% of people who look a certain way.

For these people, their appearance can be an extremely powerful motivational tool. The thought of not being in your desired shape by the time of your summer holiday can give people the jolt into action that they need.

Improve your mood and flip your way of looking at exercise

Invariably, the reason people don't want to go to the gym is because they can't be bothered. It's easy to understand: who wants to exercise when they haven't got the energy? However, a more helpful way of looking at the situation is I want to go to the gym because I want more energy.

It might seem counterintuitive, but actually going out and lifting can actually have an energising effect. When you exert yourself physically, your body releases mood boosting endorphins that'll give you a lift. So, short term, you'll feel happier.

Long-term, your muscles will steadily grow, you'll get fitter and you'll have more energy to get on with your everyday life.

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