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Supplement Scams

By Bryan Kernan author of Bodybuilding Supplement Secrets

Bodybuilding Supplement Scams

Bodybuilding supplements fall into a couple of different categories. There are supplements which benefit your body and help you make progress, and there are supplements which donít do much of anything at all. If a supplement doesnít do anything for you then all you get out of the use is expensive urine. In other words, these supplements are a scam.

Unfortunately there are quite a few supplements that donít do much for your body. Supplements are not tightly regulated like drugs are. Drugs have to go through a variety of testing phases before they ever hit the market (thatís one reason they are so expensive) and even then the F.D.A. keeps track of how they act in the long run. Not so for supplements. Supplements may or may not be tested. When you take a supplement you are taking a big step of faith in the company that produces it.

Too often supplements are over-hyped. They make a variety of claims and these claims may be exaggerated or not true at all. This can come in the area of weight loss, muscle gain, or anywhere else they can find a ready and willing market. The key factor in a supplement is the ingredients it is composed of, not what the front of the package says. The ingredients are the key determining factors, as well as the amount of the ingredient in the supplement. Bad ingredients translate into a bad supplement, good ingredients into a good supplement. Sometimes there is a mix of the two. Some manufacturers tout a ďproprietary blendĒ of ingredients but it still comes down to what those ingredients are and what they do.

It is also important to know the mechanics of the body. The body can only lose so much fat in a time period and gain so much muscle. Anything beyond that is false advertising.

The quantity of the ingredients is another factor in the supplement. A supplement may indeed contain a beneficial element but it may be in such a small amount that it wonít effectively do anything for the body. Again, the key factor is what the ingredient list reveals, not the neon ad on the front of the package.

It is crucial to recognize how the ingredient list works. The ingredients are listed in order of weight. The ingredient that composes the largest portion by weight in a product is listed first, and the ingredient that is smallest by weight is listed last.

There are probably more scam supplements than there are beneficial offerings but if you know how to read a label and know what the ingredients do in the body, you can interpret the information for yourself and sort out the good stuff from the scams.

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