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Target Heart Rate Calculator

Target Heart Rate Chart

Target Heart Rate Calculator for Bodybuilding and Fitness

What is Target Heart Rate?

Your target heart rate zone is the minimum and maximum number of heartbeats per minutes necessary to achieve your goals such as V2 Max, cardiovascular, endurance, fat loss, etc. specific to your age and resting heart rate.

Target Heart Rate for Fitness and Bodybuilding

Target heart rate training helps you gauge the intensity of your bodybuilding and fitness workouts. Monitoring your heart rate while you're working out and keeping in your target zone is the key to getting maximum benefits.

Use the target heart Rate chart above and this target heart rate calculator to determine your target heart rate zones for different goals and activities.

Target Heart Rate Range

Heart Rate A

Heart Rate B

Age or Maximum Heart Rate

Resting Heart Rate (optional)

Beats per Minute (A)

Beats per Minute (B)


Calculates percent range of maximum heart rate or heart rate reserve based upon either actual maximum heart rate or age predicted heart rate.

1) Enter information in left column

  • Select high and percent heart rate ranges
  • Enter age or actual maximum heart rate if known
  • Enter resting heart rate if percent range of heart rate reserve is desired.
    • Leave blank if percent of maximum heart rate is desired

2) Click "Calculate"

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