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Thunder God Vine Review

By Bryan Kernan author of Bodybuilding Supplement Secrets Revealed

Thunder God Vine Supplement

The Thunder god vine is not some new grapevine that will produce a tasty wine to lose weight. It is a perennial vine found in China, Japan, and South Korea that has been used for over 400 years in traditional medicine to improve immunity or calm an overactive auto-immune system.

The vine has been successfully used for generations to treat a wide range of problems ranging from rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis to lupus and menstrual problems in women. Researches have been experimenting with the Thunder God Vine for years and recently discovered that it cures obesity problems in mice very effectively.

Doctor Umut Ozcan who is one of the senior researches that is studying this at Harvard Medical School says that research in obesity over the last 20 years has been unsuccessful at breaking down leptin in order to solve obesity, but using Thunder God shows a great deal of promise in treating obesity.

Leptin is a very specific fat cell regulated hormone that is able to signal the brain when the body is satiated with sufficient fuel and energy. Although this hormone has been recognized and isolated, science has never been able to find a substance that directly affects these important hormone levels.

The active ingredient In Thunder God is Celastrol and if it works the same way as it does in mice the obesity problem could be solved. The potential to solve obesity problems causing complications in humans such as fatty livers, heart disease and type 2 diabetes is which is an enormous problem.

But the problem is more complicated as leptin does not reduce hunger in obese people despite very high levels of this hormone in the blood and many leading researchers believe that leptin insensitivity is what causes obesity. So the problem for researches is to find a drug or substance that can miraculously alleviate leptin resistance.

In a study recently done at Harvard by Dr Ozcan found that within a week of daily Celastrol treatment his collection of obese mice reduced food intake by 80% when compared to his control group of untreated obese mice. By the end of the third week his Calestrol treated mice lost 45% of their initial body weight by burning their fat stores.

Even though Celastrol did not produce any toxic effects in mice, Dr Ozcan suggested strongly that caution should be used if anyone is thinking about taking this as in-depth toxicology studies have not been completed. He emphasized that controlled clinical trials are required in order to demonstrate that the compound is safe for humans.

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