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top andro supplement
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The Top Andro Supplement

If you are committed to bodybuilding you will be very aware of the change to the law and that all Androstenedione supplements have been added to the Controlled Substances Act to. Thus amending the original Anabolic Steroid Control Act was passed in 1990 creating a list of anabolic steroids that would be classified as "Schedule III" substances.

The bottom line is that almost Andro products on the market suddenly disappeared and bodybuilder all over the world started frantically searching for a legal equivalent. Although the only constant in this fast changing world that we live is change, it certainly looks as if Andro-Shock has come up with a good answer to this shortage.

The best part about this clever product is that it is manufactured out of completely natural herbal supplements and does not violate any laws, both in the very tough FDA regulations in the USA as well as many International laws on the sale of supplements to the public.

Andro-Shock may be the best legal testosterone support stack sold as a safe alternative to steroids. It is a stack of ten different dietary supplements that are believed to help boost your body's own natural testosterone levels, which is so vitally important to any aspiring bodybuilder.

It has a strong Androgenic affect and as a result starts to boost your own production of your own testosterone that you need to produce every day in order to build and maintain muscle mass. Although medical science has now proven that there is a natural decline in your own testosterone production after the age of 40 it can still be reversed.

It needs to be mentioned here that as indicated on the bottle it is not recommended for anyone under the age of 21 and even more importantly should definitely not be taken by any woman or man with prostrate disease or any prostrate dis-function.

One of these 10 natural ingredients in the Andro-Shock pack is DHEA which is still banned in some countries. The producers of Andro-Shock are very aware of this law in some countries and are able to send you a bottle of Andro-Shock without the banned DHEA in it. When you purchase this product online you also get an informative free bonus report that shows you how to train, diet, etc. to support maximum testosterone levels.

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