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Universal Home Gym Review

The Universal home gym is great when you ready to tone up those muscles and go from fat to trim and you want to transform that body from fat into muscle. The Universal gym that I purchased is the Universal home model Physx SM 2004 home gym it is very safe to use and will definitely help you to gain the firm body that you are looking for. I used it for three weeks and noticed results right away, I begin to get a more toned abdominal and more firmer buttocks. I was happy with the results that I begin to see and it didn't take a long time. I didn't have to worry about leaving my house I was glad to be able to exercise at my own speed to aim my goal in getting the look that I wanted. This home gym had features to help me enhance my look I was able to do the shoulder press, bench press, and the incline press. The seats were very comfortable and could adjust them in any position to give me the comfort that I needed with the padded seat.

Another good thing about this Universal home gym is it has a low row pulley which helps me work on my lower body muscles and exercise to work on my overall thighs and biceps to keep them strong. This home gym was made to strengthen all parts of the body, I enjoyed doing the stomach crunches and toning the excess fat and turning it into muscle. One thing I like about this Universal home gym is it focuses mainly on those everyday problem areas that many of us struggle to tone up like the arms in which many people have flabby arms which with the necessary exercises can be resolved. Another place which is a issue for men and women is the stomach areas which carry more fat from the foods we eat. I have found myself to be more toned especially around my waist area since I had my son, It has always been a problem to lose the weight and I would jog and do crunches on the floor of my home but nothing seemed to work, ever since I purchased this home gym I'm looking and feeling better. I highly recommend this Universal home gym, it really can help give you get the look you want.

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