Effects of Vanadyl Sulfate

The most significant research to date involves its insulin-like properties and its possible role in treating diabetes. Some studies have suggested that it help to lower blood sugar levels in people with both type I and type II diabetes. Because of this, some speculate that vanadyl sulfate might help regulate blood sugar levels in people.

Vanadyl sulfate was discovered to mimic the effects of insulin in human body. What it does is shuttle glucose molecules into the muscle cells and into the liver. There is evidence that this product will temporarilly increase muscle size by filling out the muscle cells with extra glucose. Vanadyl helps the body avoid undue protein breakdown as well. In laymans terms what this supplement does for you is give you an increase in endurance as well as a better pump in the gym. It also helps to give you better vascularity, especially in your arms.

My thoughts on Vanadyl Sulfate are the following. I like it. It gives you a superior pump in the muscles as you work out as well as getting you though the tough workouts with the added endurance that you will get from taking it. I like to take from 100 mgs a day in 3 divided doses with meals, as it may cause stomach upset if you don't. As far as vanadyl sulfate goes there are many good brands to choose from. A good supplement formula containing it is QuickTrim.

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