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Weight Loss Supplement Reviews

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The Best Weight Loss Supplements That Work

There are hundreds of supplements for weight loss on the market but choosing one doesn't have to be a chore. Our trusted team has put together this handy guide to assist you in finding exactly what you're looking for. Learn more about the numerous weight loss supplements on the market and how they really work.

ECA Stacks Review

The ECA stack is probably one of the most popular supplements used for weight loss. It is a combination of Ephedra, Caffeine, and Aspirin. Most of these supplements are herbal so the ingredients mentioned above will be listed as Ma-huang, Guarana, and Willow's Bark. Both Ephedra (Ma-huang) and Caffeine (Guarana) are central nervous stimulants that suppress appetite and increase energy expenditure. Aspirin (Willow's Bark) assists in speeding up the delivery of the other ingredients to the tissue.

You may find other ingredients included in these supplements. They vary by brand but will mostly likely be any combination of Hydroxy Citric Acid (HCA), Chromium and L-Carnitine. The primary purpose of an ECA stack is to help create thermogenesis in the body. Thermogenesis is the process of creating (genesis) heat (thermo) by burning calories in brown fat. The body has built-in regulators that increase or decrease thermogenic fat burning. As we age, thermogenesis gradually becomes blocked. That is why most of us gain weight as we age.

The amount of each ingredient will vary by product. Also if you are sensitive to caffeine then choose a product that has lower levels of ephedra and caffeine or go with a ma-huang free product.

Chromium Review

Chromium helps regulate the many functions of insulin, such as maintaining blood sugar and cholesterol levels that result in less fat being deposited into the cells. This in term creates an increase in lean muscle mass with a benefit of controlling the appetite, particularly sweet cravings. It's not easily absorbed by the body and must be combined with other more efficiently absorbed compounds such as a vitamin (like niacin in polynicotinate versions) or an amino acid derivative (like picolinic acid, a derivative of tryptophan, in picolinate versions).

HCA's Review

Hydroxy Citric Acid serves as an appetite suppressant and also inhibits the actions of ATP Cytrate Lyase a specific enzyme in the liver which is responsible for the conversion of carbohydrates to fat. It is commonly found in ECA stacks and other weight loss products but is can also be purchased separately.

Chitosan Review

Chitosan is a dietary fiber derived from shellfish and has the ability to attract and bind to fatty acids. It can absorb 8-12 times its weight in fat (including cholesterol) and prevent that fat from being absorbed. For it to work effectively it must be in your system along with the fat. It seems to work best when combined with absorbic acid Vitamin C for better disbursement.

If you are allergic to shellfish than you should avoid Chitosan.

Pyruvate Review

This is probably one of the most controversial and expensive supplements on the market. The theory behind this supplement suggests that because glucose (the chief sugar used by cells for energy) is broken down by the body into pyruvic acid, an increased level of pyruvic acid in the body enhances a cellís ability to generate energy. This results in weight loss, reduces weight regain, decreases appetite and reduces fatigue.

Carb Blockers Review

A number of products have come onto the market called "Carb Blockers" that can help control the downside of high carbohydrate intake. They contain phaseolamin a patented kidney bean derivative. Phaseolamin was designed to block the action of the body's alpha-amylase enzymes which then results in less starch breakdown, therefore, less carb absorption into the body. This should mean less stimulation of insulin and less fat storage by our systems. Research offers some real benefits. In one study, it was found that use of the starch blocker reduced blood sugar levels and insulin levels following meals in both normal subjects and diabetics.

In another study, it was found that appropriate doses of starch blocker can inhibit amylase activity in the small intestine on wheat starch (in this case from spaghetti) by more than 96%. Yet a third study demonstrated that starch blocker not only improves insulin levels, reduces starch digestion, and reduces the release of sugar into the blood, but also may slow the emptying of the stomach. This means that starch blocker may help to reduce the return of hunger after meals, an especially pressing problem when individuals diet by simply reducing calories.

Guggulsterones Review

Absolutely the fast growing segment of the weight loss supplement industry is the stimulant free products. With more and more research each day bringing incredible advancements. Many include ingredients called Guggulsterones. The Guggul tree grown in India exudes a resinous sap. This resin has been used for centuries as part of India's traditional medicine called Ayurveda. Guggulsterones seem to preserve or even increase thyroid output, preserve or increase the metabolic rate (without stimulants), and provides much needed substrates for the production of neurotransmitters involved in weight loss and metabolic rate.

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Weight Loss Supplement Reviews

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