Weight Gain Powders and Drinks

The so-called "weight gain" powders are simply protein powders with lots of extra sugar. You don't need calories from sugar. You're basically spending a lot of money to get some cheap carbs. Just about the only good thing about weight gain powders is that there is protein in them, other than that they are one of the worst food choices you could make. Many cause more fat gain then muscle. You need to eat proper ratios of carbohydrates, proteins and fats in order to produce quality muscle gains, while also keeping your body fat under control.

You don't want to get fat for the sake of gaining muscle, and weight gain powders are a quick way to high body fat levels. They may cause weight gain, but since so much of the resulting increase is fat, this will cause disappointment when you look in the mirror!

If you have a diet adequate in calories expensive weight gain drinks are of no value. Do you want a simple, fool-proof solution for gaining weight that's guaranteed to work? Do you want to get noticed more often? Discover the same exact weight gain techniques I used to gain over 35 pounds of serious weight and muscle size in 12 weeks. If you use this powerful weight gain system for the next 12 weeks I promise you'll also gain more weight, muscle mass, and self-esteem than you ever though possible. If, like I was once, you're sick of being small and want to gain weight and feel better about yourself, visit "FOR SKINNY GUYS WHO CAN'T GAIN WEIGHT" right now! If you insist upon using a weight gain drink anyway, there is only one we recommend Explosive Growth Blend .

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