Weight Lifting Tips

Weight Lifting Tip 1

I hear so often about many workouts of people and thought I'd share mine. It has been great for me these last two months. I gained 10 lbs, lost 2% body fat and gained 1 inch + to every major muscle group. I'm a believer in a 3 day week. Working out M-TH, taking 3 days off. Monday is chest and shoulders, Tris day. This day involves, flat bench, followed by dumbell press, then hit incline, then flyes. Finish off with some pushups and dip. Next is shoulders- start with lateral raises, then shoulder twist with flex (awesome workout). Do some shoulder press, followed by reverse flys. Last is tris (my fav). Hit some pushdowns to start with, then go with nose breakers, and close grip bench press. Kickbacks add a nice touch, finishing with more pushdowns. You'll feel it the next day
Next day...Bis and Back...
Start with shrugs (barbell), then hit seated rows, followed by lat pulldowns, both machine and chinups, last, hit some bent over rows. For bis, I recommend the ez-curl bar standing, then do some preachers, followed by concentration curls and curls on the incline bench. Finish off with some hammer curls.
Last day is legs
I like to hit squats, lunges, hamstring curls, calf raises.

Remember - proper form is crucial on all exercises, and a proper diet must be followed. I dont give my reps or sets, as I believe that is a personal thing that each person does on their own. Its my secret to success :) . Also, abs and stretching everyday!!
Justin Gill

Weight Lifting Tip 2

I am gearing up for my first bodybuilding competition, and I had a problem with the width and definition of my Lats and other parts of my back. I have been seeing instantaneous results from first making sure I rotate a rowing motion with a pull-down motion. I have also seen results by burning out my back on my last set by super-setting 3 or 4 exercises of cables with 3 or 4 sets. For example, I will start on pulley rows, then move to the pec-deck machine and work my rear delts, then move to cable pull-downs and do negatives. I restI between 60 seconds and 120 seconds Each time I always do 10-20 reps on each exercise. This really gives me a great burn.
David Bogan

Weight Lifting Tip 2

Try this for your triceps - 3 sets of Lying Tricep Extensions adding 10 lbs. each set with a cambered bar do 12,10,& 8 reps. Next, 3 sets of Cable Pushdowns adding 1 plate each set for approximately 12,10,& 8 reps. Finish the tricep torture with Weighted Bench Dips for again 3 sets. Using the plate of your choice on the first set. And add the same size plate each successive set, I personally use 45 pounders. Again shooting for the same number of reps as on the other movements. You either wish that you never read this or you will absolutely love me. Enjoy!
Robert Jones

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