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What is Ecdysterone

ecdy bolin
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Ecdysterone is found in most shell-fish as well as all anthropoids generally. It has many different names ranging from bug-juice to 20-Hydroxyecdysone and 20E and is one of the naturally occurring ecdysteroid hormones found in over 150 different plants and most anthropoidís.

There are quite a few different plants that have this phytoecdysteroid and two of them are Cyanotis vaga and Suma root (Brazilian Ginseng) that makes it act as a clever pesticide. It does this by disrupting the reproduction of the insects trying to eat the plant. The theory by the developers of Ecdysterone is that even though humans do not have the ecdystone receptor to receive the 20-hydroxyecdysone it still increases muscle gain and fat loss.

Although this has not been conclusively proven in clinical trials there is some proof that the addition of 20-hydroxyecdysone may positively affect the biological systems when in vitro. The enhancement of physical performance has still not been conclusively proven but the increase in fat loss and muscle mass working as protection for the body has a lot of anecdotal evidence, from the results of users of the supplement.

Ecdysterone is a naturally occurring hormone and does not have any side effects on the body if used correctly. Creatures like shell-fish and crabs use Ecdysterone to enable the shedding of the outer exoskeleton. When humans take it the effect is shown to increase muscle performance and contractibility and also increase fat loss.

The major advantage of this discovery was in medicine as the "protective influence" that ecdysterone has on the body offers a proven protection for the internal organs against many different stress factors.

Farther study has shown that Ecdysterone can offer an anabolic effect as well as act in the gut as gastro-protection. Clinical studies also show that it can suppress all neurodegenerative processes where it is able to offer vital protection against cardiovascular problems and diseases.

Beta Ecdysterone is another form of 20-hydroxyecdysone but there are over 150 different ecosteriods that are all natural steroid-like substances that are produced by plants. Other well-known plant steroids like Leuzea carthamoides or Brazilian ginseng are also ecosteroids.

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