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Whey vs Casein

Whey protein or casein protein which is better?

In the red corner, armed with branched chain amino acids and a powerful digestive speed to punch, we have whey! In the blue corner, also packing plenty of branched chain amino acids but only with a slower digestive punch, we have casein! Who will win this intense rivalry? The truth is this match will land in a double knockout. They may vary in digestive attributes, but they both can be beneficial when taken during a specified time.

First, letís get something straight. Protein can be found in vegetables, dairy products, and mostly meats. What does protein do and what purpose does it serve in the human body? On a biological standpoint, protein has numerous roles in the human body. They act as enzymes, anti-bodies, hormones, messengers, and support connective tissue such as collagen. As the topic relates, protein provides amino acids are the building blocks of your muscle tissue and also aids in the muscle recovery process. Protein is highly essential to anyoneís diet and is a strict must when combined with an exercise program.

There are several different types of protein and they would include: Whey, egg, soy, and casein proteins. All of which provide beneficial in any diet, I would like to focus the discussion specifically on whey and casein. When going into technicalities, the consumption of these types rely on time released properties. The timing at which these proteins are consumed and digested is the main difference between the two. Knowing this is especially accommodating for those looking to improve and tweak their diet.

Alright, time for a scenario! I just got done working out, and Iím beat to hell and back. My muscles are aching and screaming for something to eat. At this point, which type of protein would be more beneficial? Right after a workout, Iím going to want to concentrate mainly on whey. Whey is the fastest digestive protein the human body can get, and right after a grueling workout this is what it needs. With whey protein containing a rich source of branched chain of amino acids and the quick digestive attributes, this is the way to go.

Time for scenario number two! Every now and then, someone will ask me if itís a good idea to eat a high protein meal right before bed time. Iíll always respond with, ďof course!Ē The most muscle recovery takes place during the bedtime hours. The amount of sleep a person gets combined with what nutrients they take in can play a considerable role when reaching for optimal muscle growth. So anyway, which protein type would specifically be the candidate for this case? Consider casein protein a best friend during the late hours. Like whey, casein is another protein type found in milk. Remember when I first mentioned that the timing of these protein types differ? Having a solid reputation as the slowest digesting protein the body can get, it can usually take up to six to eight hours to fully digest in the human body. This is a critical standpoint as this is why itís more beneficial at night taken during bedtime hours.

Now that Iíve listed all the great positive facts of these protein types, they can also have negative side-effects. Since these proteins are from dairy milk, those who are lactose intolerant might not find them too fond of. Some people who have trouble digesting these proteins, there are other alternatives such as: Soy, egg, and meat proteins. Of course, they might have different elements as to how they digest but they are still protein and will help promote muscle growth.

As Iíve already predicted, this match has landed with a double knockout. With their main difference in their digestive timing, they are still powerful muscle builders. There is no protein type thatís dominant over one over another. When combined with an exercise program, both and all protein types are essential to a healthy diet. With that said ladies and gentleman, casein and whey are your winners!

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