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Workout for Building Muscle and Burning Fat

Muscle-building and fat-burning workout routines

By The Guide Building Muscle While Losing Fat

There are two considerations that one should keep in mind when training or working out with muscle building and fat-loss in mind. The first is the calorie intake that you require both on your training days as well as your off-days. The second is the specific exercises that you choose when training.

This article will briefly discuss the training and then the recommended dietary calories and how to split them up for maximum effect. So to start with the training for muscle gain and fat-loss one should do compound exercises as well as isolated exercises.

Compound movements are vitally important to work your body out in order to produce the maximum amount of natural HGH (human growth hormone) that you can. The exercises that will stimulate the anabolic hormones are squats, deadlift, cleans, clean and jerk or snatch as well as bench press.

You should start off your workout routines with these compound exercises and do at least three sets of 8 to 12 reps on each movement. It is important to note here that it will depend on how many times a week you are training but always make sure that you get at least 48 hours rest after each training session.

When training to gain muscle you need to constantly be aware of the principle which makes muscle grow and that is progressive resistance. It is only by getting stronger and lifting heavier weights with the correct technique that you are going to put on muscle.

When starting a new movement for the first time, no matter how experienced you are, one should always make sure that you are doing the movement correctly in order to not get into any bad habits. Bad habits can cause injuries and train the incorrect muscles.

On your off days when you are resting one should eat 10 to 12 times your bodyweight in calories. That means that if you weigh 100 pounds then you should eat between 1000 and 1200 calories a day with 50% protein, 30% fat and 20% carbohydrate. But this will change a lot when you eat on your training days.

Your training days should be giving you lots of energy (i.e. calories) in order to get the best results. Using the same amount of calories which is 12 times your bodyweight as mentioned above but this time the split should be 20% protein, 5% fat and 75% carbohydrate which is complex good quality carbohydrate.

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Workout for Building Muscle and Burning Fat

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