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World Bodybuilding Federation Magazine

The World Bodybuilding Federation

Wrestling czar Vince McMahon planned to launch a bodybuilding magazine that would be called Bodybuilding Lifestyles. This magazine became a reality in 1991, and lasted until 1992. This magazine featured the WBF superstars in the issues. The World Bodybuilding Federation was formed by McMahon to rival the IFBB, but was short lived.

WBF Bodybuilding Lifestyles Review

Although WBF Bodybuilding Lifestyle didn't stay in circulation very long (1991-1992), it was a good source of fitness information for many interested in fitness and bodybuilding. It was also a good read for those interested in the WBF superstars!

WBF Bodybuilding Lifestyles contained what most other bodybuilding magazines contained: Lots of tips, nutrition, weightlifting and supplement information. This magazine was all about pumping up, maxing out and the WBF superstars.

World Bodybuilding Federation Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon was president of the World Wresting Federation when he decided to launch the magazine Bodybuilding Lifestyles. This was his first step in forming a rival pro federation to the IFBB. This was denied by McMahon, the only statements being that he did intend to form a magazine publication.

Eventually, a new federation was founded - the WBF. This, however was short-lived as McMahon reportedly lost 15 million dollars on his foray into bodybuilding. Toward the end, his reputation was in a shambles and he bowed out disgracefully. He thought he could achieve more in two years than Ben and Joe Weider built over a 50 year period, but it was not to be.

WBF Bodybuilding Lifestyles Back Issues

Although Bodybuilding Lifestyles wasn't in publication for a long period of time, many love to collect back issues because of the story they represent in bodybuilding history.

These magazines do contain some great information for athletes and bodybuilders, as well as pictures and information about the WBF superstars. If you are interested in obtaining WBF Bodybuilding Lifestyles back issues, you can get them on our site. Go to WBF Bodybuilding Lifestyles Back Issues.

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