Yohimbe Review

Yohimbine hydrochloride (HCL), better known as just yohimbe, is an extract from the African yohimbe tree bark.  This is a product that can be both obtained as a supplement or a prescription strength medication in some countries.  Yohimbe when used as a prescription product is used primarily for treating male impotence problems.  It does this in a two fold way by increasing sex drive as well as by somehow increasing blood flow to the penis and then preventing the blood to flow out for a duration of time thereby making the penis functional for some people.  Yohimbe is a alpha (A2) receptor antagonist which increases the release of  epinephrine into the synapses in the body.

Yohimbe is an attractive supplement for bodybuilders in that it will help you in three key areas.  It is useful for better pumps in your muscles when working out, helping in getting rid of stubborn bodyfat, and as a thermogenic extender.  As was stated earlier in the article, it is used for keeping the blood in the penis for treating impotence, it can also be of benefit for bodybuilding in that it helps promote a better pump in your muscles as well from the dilation of peripheral blood vessels in your body.  This could be of particular benefit for increasing vascularity in the body as well.   This supplement is also particularly effective in cutting lower bodyfat in both men and women as well.  The lower body has a higher number of the alpha-2 receptors, especially in women.  These A2 receptors cause the body to hold onto fat.  Yohimbe, since it is an alpha-2 andrenergic antagonist, really helps you fight the lower fat problems by being an alpha receptor blocker.  You can almost draw a comparison to how nolvadex works by blocking estrogen from reaching the receptors in the body thereby reducing/eliminating the chance of gyno.  In men these A2 receptors as most prevalent in the belly and love handles and in women in the calves, thighs, and buttocks.  This alpha-2 blocking effect helps the body to release stubborn fat deposits.  On the flip side, your body will try to fight this eventually by just producing more of the alpha receptors.   I am sure that this would make it an attractive product for just this reason alone.  In most individuals, the fat in these areas is the hardest to lose on your body.  The third reason for taking yohimbe is that it helps to extend the effectiveness of other proven thermogenic supplements.   After continuous use of these products for a length of time, the body downregulates the beta-2 receptors.  This in turn also down regulates the alpha-2 receptor as well.  Well, since yohimbe is a potent alpha (A2) receptor antagonist, it then blocks these A2 receptors making the thermogenic supplements again effective for a longer time period.  This entension of effectiveness is not indefinite.  You might want to use the yohimbe for these extension purposes for an addtional 3-4 weeks and then cycle off the supplements to allow your body to again normalize.  After 4-6 weeks off of these supplements, you can again go on them and extend their effectiveness when they start to crap out with yohimbe.

All in all, this a a kickass supplement in my opinion.  The proof will be readily apparent to you once you have tried it for yourself.  There are many supplements that contain yohimbe both OTC as well as prescription based. 

Side effects most commonly associated with yohimbe are nervousness, irritability, and tremors.  If the side effects are too much for you cut the daily dosage down to a half and gradually increase the dosage until you are up to the recommended dosage again.  Reported therapy is not to exceed more than 10 weeks.

Sensitivity to yohimbe varies greatly from individual to individual. How to take yohimbe, start out slowly and increase the dosage to whatever is tolerable for you.  Give yohimbe a shot and you won't be disappointed!

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