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Arthur Jones Nautilus Exercise Sport Science Article

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A Response to a Post on the SportScience List

by Arthur Jones

There are so many mistakes, stupid theories, faulty assumptions and other categories of outright bullshit contained in the stuff that you sent me that it would require several lengthy books to respond properly to all of them, so I will make no such attempt.

ONE: Frank Katch. If Frank Katch is a typical example of so-called scientists involved in this field, and he may well be, then the whole bunch should be burned at the stake. He is a liar, a perjurer and an all-round phony, and knows something less than nothing about exercise physiology. I have the original copies of two different audio tapes that were made of conversations with Katch when he did not know that his statements were recorded, and he lied in both of them, told lies that can be proven in court if need be.

In his statements to help Gideon Ariel in his, Gideon's, attempt to steal from me, Katch wrote, signed, and swore to a statement that was utterly false, claiming that he had personally heard me make threats against Gideon's life, and Katch wrote that statement more than a year before he ever saw or spoke to me.

In a second instance Katch stated, on tape and before two witnesses, that he had seen and counted checks totaling several million dollars that I had been forced to pay Gideon; another outright lie since Gideon never got a cent as a result of his phony lawsuit against me, was, instead, forced to drop his suit "with prejudice," meaning that he can never file such a suit again. Existing court records document this fully.

TWO: Plyometrics. Having covered this matter repeatedly, and in detail, in dozens of articles and several books, I will not now do so again, will only say that anybody dumb enough to use plyometrics will probably get just what they deserve, hurt.

THREE: Muscular friction. Everything in the universe that has both mass and motion also has friction, and muscles are no exception. Friction that inhibits (reduces) positive function while enhancing (increasing) negative function, which is why your negative strength is greater than your positive strength.

Quite a high percentage, if perhaps not a majority, of people with an interest in muscle physiology have at least been aware that negative strength is always higher than positive strength, and many theories have been suggested in attempts to explain this difference in strength; all but one of which theories were simply wrong, which should not be surprising since all of these wrong theories were based upon outright speculation while ignoring the simple laws of basic physics.

To the best of my knowledge I was the first person to provide an answer to this question, an answer which I first published about twenty-five years ago in an article in the Athletic Journal entitled The Metabolic Cost of Negative Work. Then being aware of, and understanding at least some of the effects of, internal muscular friction, I did not then possess the testing tools required to demonstrate the results of muscular friction, but later I did have such tools and the subsequent use of these tools taught me a great deal about the effects of muscular friction. I learned that the level of friction, and thus its results, varies as a consequence of two factors, the speed of muscular contraction and the momentary level of fatigue, both a faster speed of contraction and a higher level of fatigue increasing muscular friction.

In some, but not in all, human movements, the speed of muscular contraction does not vary in proportion to changes in the speed of movement of the related bodypart; during the first 90 degrees of angular movement of the forearm as the arm is bent around the axis of the elbow, the speed of muscular contraction varies by about 800 percent even when the speed of angular movement of the forearm remains constant, and thus the level of muscular friction varies. The unavoidable result being that the difference between positive and negative strength will not be constant throughout the movement; for that reason, and for several other reasons, it follows that any attempt to measure strength using a dynamic testing procedure is doomed to failure. Nevertheless, there still exists a very strong bias in favor of dynamic testing procedures, and thus there also still exists an enormous level of confusion and controversy about this subject.

A second factor that continues to add nothing but confusion about this subject is a result of the common, almost universal, habit of considering only "source" while ignoring "substance;" thus, iniffect, "who says something" becomes all important while "what was said" is ignored, or, if the source is "acceptable," then is swallowed hook, line and sinker even of the statement is utterly stupid, which, as it happens in this field, is usually the case. Apart from the research that I have personally conducted, or paid for when such research was conducted by others, there has been very little meaningful research in this field; this being true for the simple reason that the people attempting to conduct such research did not have tools capable of measuring their results, and, secondly, did not have anything even close to a real understanding of muscular function.

But, since I am not a "member of the club," that is do not wear a white coat and call myself "doctor," such people almost invariably reject anything that I have to say. Which situation would be funny if it was not so serious.

Secondly, many such people also reject my statements because I do not "follow the rules," do not find it necessary to at least mention every single one of the seemingly endless list of stupid theories that somebody else has published. Nor do I bother to concern myself with myths such as those concerned with things like ghosts, goblins and religion: I might start to live in miracles when and if somebody can demonstrate and measure one, but in the meantime continue to ignore them.

FOUR: Fred Hatfield. Hatfield has published a rather long list of lies about me in several magazines. But I will not waste any time trying to respond to any of them. In that case you should consider the source.

FINALLY: Having already published everything that needs to be said, or that can be truthfully said on this subject, I am no longer willing to even attempt to meaningfully communicate with fools, liars and other such people. As Rhett Butler said . . . "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." I still have a few friends and if most of the other people now alive are utterly insane, and they obviously are, then that is their problem, not mine.


Arthur Jones

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Arthur Jones Nautilus Exercise Sport Science Article

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