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Arthur Jones Books

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Arthur Jones is the father of HIT or High Intensity Training and the inventor of Nautilus and MedX machines. Below are reviews of Arthur Jones Books.

Arthur Jones Nautilus Bulletins - These publications dispel the myths of exercise and logically show how to maximize your training results. The Nautilus Bulletins cover all aspects of High Intensity Training, which is still fastest way to increase size and strength. Even though these are called "Nautilus Bulletins" you don't need Nautilus Machines to follow the workouts, as a matter of fact all you need is barbells, dumbbells, a bench, squat rack chin and dip bars to get amazing muscle building results.

Nautilus Bulletin 1 - Subjects covered include: Basic Physics of Conventional Exercise Methods, How Gravity Effects Basic Barbells and Dumbbells, Limitations in Training, Functions of Muscular Structures, The Primary Function of The Bicep Muscle, The Indirect Effect, Why Training the Legs is Important for Overall Body Strength, Conclusions for best results, The Frequency and Extent of Exercise, How Often to Train, The Two Most Important Factors in Muscle Growth, Intensity of Effort, The Real Problem With Marathon Workouts, Cam Action in Muscular Functions, Full Squats: Pro and Con, Compound Exercises Versus Specialization, The Simple Exercise that is Far Superior to the Bench Press, Irregularity of Exercise, Growth Stimulation, Basic Functions of Muscle Fibers, How Many Repetitions Should be Done, Secondary Growth Factors, The Bulking Drink, The Limits of Muscular Size, Reciprocity Failure, The "Total Tonnage" Theory, The Relationship Between Strength and Endurance, Speed of Movement, Accurately Measuring Power Production, Warming Up Properly, The 10/8/6 Workout, Superstitions and Myths, The Instinctive Training Theory, The Unexploded Bomb in The Strength World, Flexibility and Range of Movement, Average Expectations from Training, Sample Workouts and Suggested Exercises, Professional Medical Attitudes on Training, The Significance of Muscular Pumping, The Significance of Muscular Soreness, Break-In Training, Age as a Factor, Time as a Facto, Developing Speed and Flexibility, Muscular Proportions, Layoffs From Training, Sticking Points in Training and How to Avoid Them, The Role of Confidence, The Significance of Measurements, Charting Progress, Stair-Step Progression, The Pre-Exhaustion Principle, 10 Conclusions, The Nautilus Principles, Training with Conventional Equipment.

Nautilus Bulletin 2 - Subjects covered include: A look at the Present Situation, Basic Training Considerations How Casey Viator Won the 1971 Mr. America, Commercial Bias, The Name of The Game, Diet and the Role of Supplements, A Few Simple Facts About Training, Self-Evident Truth, Strength and Muscular Endurance Factors, Barbells - Pro and Con, Time Factors in Exercis, Amount of Exercise Versus Intensity, The Inter-Set Relaxation Principle, Psychology of Bodybuilders, The Real Value of Weight Training, Weight-Training for Women, Muscular Potential and Heredity, Muscular Function, Four Steps, Barbells Versus Exercise Machines, Direct Effect of Exercise, The Recovery Factor, Individuality, A Natural Mistake, The First Step Towards Understanding, Fast Gains and Fast Losses, Requirements for Growth, Basic Training Versus Competition, Maximum Muscle Size, Maximum Muscle Power, The Moment Arm Factor, Fuel-Air Factors, Sample Workouts, Advanced Training, Proper Form, What to Expect from Training, A Realistic Goal, The Present State of the Art, The Next Step

Nautilus Bulletin 3 - Subjects covered include: What To Expect From Exercise, The Correct Amount of Exercise, The Best Type of Exercise, The Two Most Important Factors in Exercise, How Much Should an Athlete Weigh?, The Relationship of Muscular Size to Strength, Avoiding Injury and Preventing Injury , How to Get the Best Results From Exercise, Improving Flexibility, Increasing Speed, Improving Endurance, Why Exercise Increases Strength, Stimulating Growth, Permitting Growth, The Colorado Experiment Part 1 The Purpose of the Experiment, The Colorado Experiment Part 2 The Background of the Experiment, The Colorado Experiment Part 3 Conduct of the Experiment, The Colorado Experiment Part 4 The Results of the Experiment, The Ultimate Development, The Anderson Brothers

Arthur Jones The Lumbar Spine, The Cervical Spine, and The Knee Testing and Rehabilitation - After Arthur Jones retired as chairman of Nautilus he started MedX Corporation and attempted to improve both exercise and testing procedures. He produced a new line of machines called MedX equipment for testing specific functions of the spine and the knee. To cover the use of these machines and his latest discoveries and opinions based on his more then fifty years in the field of exercise he wrote The Lumbar Spine, The Cervical Spine, and The Knee Testing and Rehabilitation and known as The Black Book. Free copies were sent to any clinicians who wrote to MedX Corporation on their professional stationary to request it.

Arthur Jones ...And God Laughs - Arthur Jones' final book was his autobiography titled "...And God Laughs" from the old Jewish saying, "Man plans, and God laughs." A whopping 450 pages of stories, incidents and anecdotes about his family, friends, employees, prominent characters, etc. He covers his whole life including Wild Cargo, television and movie production, flying, his sexual exploits, bodybuilding and fitness, Nautilus equipment, MedX Corporation, and more!

Younger Women, Faster Airplanes, Bigger Crocodiles - By John Szimanski, This is an authorized Arthur Jones biography covering Arthur's life from his birth to his final company called MedX. Arthur Jones life included animal related businesses, flying, personal appearance events, television and movie production, bodybuilding, fitness and medical research. He is a recognized expert in these fields. The book follows Arthur through his childhood and teenage years. Everything from his early mechanical design projects, his developing interest in animals and flying, and his concurrent evolving interest in strength training. These facets of his life are covered to the extent one can understand how the tools were cultivated so that he would eventually turn the entire strength training world on end. Arthur directly touched millions of trainees immediately, and will ultimately influence the training of millions of more people forever. That is the main focus of this work.

In Arthur's Shadow: Daily Musings on Exercise, a Tribute to Arthur Jones - by Gary Bannister. In Arthur's Shadow is, in essence, a tribute to Nautilus inventor, Arthur Jones who forever changed exercise and rehabilitative medicine. It is an outline of his contributions to the fields of exercise and rehabilitative medicine. From the innovative equipment and strength-training principles he introduced as founder of Nautilus Sports Medical Industries to the physiological discoveries of specific muscle testing as chairman of MedX Corporation, the book delves into the theory behind the development of Nautilus machines, features Jones' greatest legacy - the MedX Lumbar Extension machine - and reveals the logic and brilliance behind his search for the truth. Not a 'how to' book, the format is a series of anecdotes - written as daily musings - that unveils the character and integrity of one of the few, if not the only genius in the field of exercise. At the same time, it highlights the author's experience with those viewpoints. Arthur Jones was eccentric, opinionated and generally "outraged" by the ignorance, myth and fraud that engulfed his fields of choice. A master communicator, he was all about education; his style, candid entertainment. In Arthur's Shadow is a bit of both - education and entertainment.

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Arthur Jones Books

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