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Arthur Jones Steroids

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High Intensity Training and Steroids

by Arthur Jones

I am fully aware that many people will consider the following clear proof of my ignorance, I feel that a word on the subject of growth drugs is in order; during the course of lengthy conversations with a leading research scientist, a medical doctor, whose name I am not free to use, a man who is currently giving steroids to a large number of athletes, the following points were clearly made.

  1. There is NO evidence that steroids actually do promote additional muscular growth in healthy individuals.
  2. At least 25% of all users or steroids will suffer permanent testicular atrophy. And if you don't know what that means -- I strongly advise that you find out.
  3. After stopping all use of steroids, it will require at least six months for the body to regain its normal ability to produce hormones in the required amounts -- if it ever does.
  4. During that period of six months -- or longer -- the previous user of steroids MUST LOSE both muscular size and strength; even though no additional size or strength was produced by the use of steroids in the first place. This happens because the body, having become accustomed to the artificial hormones, and having reduced its own normal production of hormones during the period when steroids were being taken, cannot instantly start producing hormones in the required amount; thus a period of time must pass during which the body will not have enough hormones to maintain the existing levels of strength and size -- and LOSSES MUST RESULT during that period.
  5. The doctor from whom this information was obtained added that he is personally much AGAINST THE USE OF STEROIDS, but that he is forced into giving them to athletes by a realization of the fact that such people will take them without his knowledge or control if he refused to give them -- and he prefers to at least be aware of what is being taken.

So, drug takers -- read it, laugh at my ignorance now, and weep about your own stupidity later; it's your health, do with it what you will -- but don't claim later that you weren't warned clearly in advance.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has used steroids and admitted it to me openly in front of witnesses, Sergio Oliva has used them and also admitted it openly -- and both of these men certainly have outstanding muscular development; but I can name quite a few other individuals who also have used steroids with little or nothing in the way of results from their use -- or from their training, either. And I can name a large number of people who obtained literally fantastic degrees of development without the use of steroids. How do I know for sure? Because such development was produced literally decades before the growth drugs were even dreamed of.

Physiques like those of men such as Sergio and Arnold are the product of their training -- but just as certainly NOT the product of drugs; because, if drugs could produce such results, there would be many more such examples to prove it -- but in face there is only one Sergio and one Arnold. And of even greater importance to the production of their final degrees of results was the factor of heredity; while it is perfectly true that nobody ever "just grew" to the size of Sergio or Arnold, it is just as true that most people could never attain such size no matter how they trained, regardless of what they ate, and with or without the use of drugs.

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Arthur Jones Steroids

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