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Support Your Joints

It's true bodybuilders, powerlfiters and others involved 
in athletics cause a lot of stress, wear and tear on 
their joints. 

Each and every workout you do subjects your joints and 
tendons to the work load volume of tons of w eight along 
with the wear and tear of stretching and contracting over 
and over again.

Today millions of people have joint disorders. 

Joint supplements can aid in joint and connective tissue 
health and repair.

If you have been training hard for years, joint 
supplements can really make a big difference.

Even younger trainers should use joint support supplements 
to prevent future joint problems.

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     Fitness Tips For For 12/2/2009

Basic Weight Training Principles

Progressive Training

Progressive training is the idea of trying to make progress with 
each and every workout. The first aspect of progressive training 
is to start off slow and increase the intensity of your workouts 
as you go along. 

Example: If you are about to start a new training program that 
calls for you to do six different exercises for five sets each, 
start your first workout by doing one set of each exercise. Do 
two sets of each exercise in your second workout. Keep adding one 
set of each exercise per workout until you reach the full five sets.
The second aspect of progressive training is to progressively get 
stronger with each workout. 

Example: If you were able to do 8 reps with 200 pounds on the bench 
press in your last workout, try to do 9 reps in your next workout. 
Once you can do 9 reps, try to do 10 reps, then increase the weight. 
If you did 3 sets of 11 pull ups in your last workout, try to do 3 
sets of 12 reps in your next workout. This applies to all exercises. 
Always try to do more with each and every workout. Mentally prepare 
yourself and psych yourself up before you head to the gym. Tell 
yourself that you are going to do more in this workout than in the 
last workout. This is the way to make real progress.

Cyclical Training

It is hard to indefinitely keep up the type of intensity that is 
required for real progress. To stay on the exact same routine forever 
and to keep increasing the intensity level is hard to do. Your mind and 
your body will rebel. You get tired and bored with your workout and you 
do not feel like going to the gym. That is why it is important to train 
in cycles. 

Change your workout every six or eight weeks. Add some new exercises and
delete some of the old ones. You can also change the order of your 
exercises. This will keep your workouts from getting tedious and boring. 
Your body will respond better to a varied routine. 

Instinctive Training

This is an advanced training concept. Instinctive training means going 
into the gym and training according to the way you feel. In order to 
apply instinctive training effectively, you need to have experience with 
all of the exercises and all of the training methods for all of the body 
parts. You also have to be experienced enough to have developed self 
motivation. If you are still a beginner and you have to force yourself 
to go to the gym everyday, then you are not experienced enough to apply 
instinctive training effectively. But remember, some exercise is better 
than no exercise. If you are tired and bored with your routine and you 
are thinking about skipping your workout, go to the gym anyway. Tell 
yourself that you are only going to do the exercises that you feel like 
doing, and you are going to leave whenever you want to leave. Sometimes 
you end up getting one of your best workouts ever. You are listening to 
your body and responding to what it is telling you. 

In Cyclical Training, we talked about training in cycles and changing 
your workout every six to eight weeks. However, if you are doing a 
routine that you really like and you feel like staying with it for ten 
weeks or twelve weeks or even longer, then thatís what you should do. 
This is another way of applying instinctive training. You can get a lot 
of good training ideas from our website and other fitness websites and 
books and magazines. You can also get good ideas from other people in 
the gym that might have more experience than you. But in the long run, 
only you are going to know what is best for your own body. When you 
can learn to apply instinctive training, thatís when you will make 
the best possible gains.

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