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Testosterone Gives Courage and Confidence

When we launched our super-supplement Andro-Shock, some 
people were understandably skeptical of some of the claims. We 
have told you that this supplement increases your confidence and 
courage levels (The Courage Pill); this has been shown time
and time with almost everyone who has used this product. Now, 
there's scientific proof! Dr James Dabbs of Georgia State 
University has found that those who have the highest level
of competence and courage have higher testosterone levels. 
He also found that those who live more "exciting" lifestyles 
have higher Testosterone levels. 

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Be Better in Bed

We can't leave this testosterone thing alone! We also told you 
about how Andro-Shock has the potential to make you dynamite 
in bed with harder and longer erections. MSNBC recently
ran an article on the effects of products like Andro-Shock. These 
include: Feeling better, performing better in bed, increased
muscle mass, and becoming more assertive. Need we say more?

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     Fitness Tips For 5/13/2015

Heavy or Light Weights to Build Muscle

Heavy vs Light Weights Bodybuilding Should you use heavy or light weights to build muscle? First of all, you don't want to go too light as a weight that is super light will fail to stimulate the muscles at all. Outside of this caveat, both heavy weight and lighter weights (instead of light weights) have some distinct advantages. Heavy Weights Heavy weights are great for building muscle because heavy weights provide maximum muscle activation. That is, the muscles have to go into all out activation to move the heavy weight. They recruit the maximum amount of fibers possible to do it because they have to. So heavy weights equates to maximum muscle involvement. Lighter Weights Surprisingly, lighter weights also provide some benefits to the muscles. Those benefits come from the big pump that is possible when using lighter weights. The muscles receive strong stimulation through the blood and oxygen that is pumped in with the repeated reps possible with a lighter weight load. So lighter weighs should not be ignored as they too have a big upside. Both is Best Use both styles. You don't have to exclusively stick with heavy weights or just perform light weight and there is no law against mixing the muscle training up. And that's the best way to go. You can cycle the different styles or even use both styles in a single workout. Go to Muscle Express Training Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
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Heavy or Light Weights to Build Muscle

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