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     Fitness Tips For For 7/21/2010

High Repetition Weight Training

Are you up to the challenge of this program? It takes a lot of will power
and being able to keep going despite anything to give it your all.  

Remember it is very important to check with your doctor before starting 
any new workout program, especially one that will push you to your limits 
and beyond like this one will. 

Total Body Conditioning

Total body conditioning involves building stronger muscles along with 
super cardiovascular endurance, only with both of these together can 
you reach your maximum physical potential. 

High repetition weight training will push you to and beyond your 
previous physical limits, but it will also push you past your 
limits mentally. 

High repetition weight training challenges you to be all you can be 
both physically and mentally. When you are done with this program 
you will have reached a high level of total body conditioning along
with so much mental toughness that you will feel you can take on any 
challenge life can throw at you. 

25 Rep Workout

You will pick one exercise each for legs, chest, back, shoulders, 
biceps, triceps and abs. You do 25 reps on the first exercise then
with no rest do 25 reps on the next exercise, etc. until you have
done all the exercises. Then you can rest a few minutes before
doing another circuit of 25 reps on all the exercises. You will do
a total of 4 circuit. 

Here is a sample workout, done Monday, Wednesday and Fridays:

Bench press
Barbell Row
Press Over Head
Tricep Extension
Ab Crunches

25 reps each times 4 circuits.

After 2 weeks on this workout move on the the next phase.

50 Rep Workout

You will still workout 3 days a week using the same exercises
and use the same weight but you will now do 50 reps a set but 
only do 2 circuits.

After 2 weeks of 50 rep workouts, you move on the last 

100 Rep Workout

This is what you have been building up to  You use the same weight
that you started with for the 25 rep workout but now you will do 100 
reps for each exercise and with no rest move through all the 

You only have to do circuit, and you will do this only 2 days 
a week for example Tuesdays and Fridays.

After 1 week of successfully completing all exercises for
100 reps with no rest between exercises then you are done 
with this program and should go back to lower reps and 
heavier weights.

You should find you that you are now making faster gains
then before due to your new high level of muscular and 
cardiovascular endurance along with improved recovery rate.

A great program to follow this up with would be the 
Muscle Express Program, see below for details.

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strength and power faster than you would've ever thought 
possible! This program will show you:
* Intensity and volume, how much is enough?
* How to vary routines to continue to make big gains.
* How to gain awesome power & size - FAST
* How to create an anabolic state.
* How to use shock techniques for accelerated growth.
* And many more muscle building secrets and techniques.
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High Repetition Weight Training, 25 Reps, 50 Reps, 100 Reps Workout

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