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     Fitness Tips For 5/16/2012

How To Change Up Your Workouts To Keep Gaining Muscle

You workout hard in order to build as much good quality muscle as you
can. The problem is that no matter how we stress our bodies they have
a way of adapting and that is when we reach the "plateau" that we all 
know too well.

Advanced bodybuilders know very well that they only way to keep 
growing or putting on more muscle is by constantly changing their 
workouts. There are some bodybuilders that cycle their routine to a 
specific pattern that they have worked out works best for them.

The point is that this cycle was created because they were always 
trying to change the way that they trained in order to keep it using 
the maximum amount of muscle fibers that they possibly can.

You need to constantly switch exercises for a specific body part. 
Often there is a good reason why you don't like a certain exercise 
and it is that exercise that will help you break through that dreaded

Try something called "drop sets" which is a way to also break through 
a plateau. Doing drop sets is easy because all you have to do is 
reach the point of failure and then drop the weight. 

It is by using ideas like this that you will be able to break through
any limitations. For example increasing a weight every week and making
sure that you change something as soon as you are unable to increase 
it anymore.

Another idea is to switch the days that you train certain muscle 
groups. For example a good idea is to do your weakest body parts in 
the beginning of the week when you are fresh and strong. 

But there are other ways that you could change your routine, for 
example compound - isolation same muscle group supersets.

There are many different ways or rather things that you can change 
and they range from "negatives" to slow reps or even partial reps. 
The point is that in order to continue your muscle growth you need
to change the way that you train or the order in which you train 
your body parts.

There are countless variations that you could do and if you ever run
out of ideas just ask someone who looks like they know what they are
doing. They will probably say things like Pyramid reps or forced 
reps or even take a week off, the list is endless.

Note: For more information on how to change your workouts to continue
to make big gains, checkout Muscle Express.

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How To Change Up Your Workouts

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