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     Fitness Tips For 4/8/2015

Do You Lift Too Heavy to Gain Muscle

When we train there needs to be a specific objective so that measured results can be seen for you to monitor your progress. Although training for muscle size as opposed to muscle strength are very similar they are not the same thing. Gaining strength is all about increasing the force production whereas gaining size is all about getting the pump and creating microscopic damage to a muscle. Muscle hypertrophy (size, not strength) comes from the intensity that you put your body through when you train. The problem is that most people who lift weights to increase the size of a muscle think that lifting a heavy weight for just a few reps is the only way to gain size. The result is that we can walk into any gym and see some guy swing a weight trying to do barbell curls that are too heavy. Swinging his lower back into the movement or squatting with a weight that is so heavy he cannot even go to parallel without collapsing is just bad form. Bad form will only reduce the key factor in gaining size which is TUT (time under tension) because too much momentum is used. When you do not train with the correct form you will not be able to lower or raise the weight in a controlled manner and further reduce TUT. When you are struggling to lift a weight you will start to use all your secondary or supportive muscles and will no longer be focused on the targeted muscle group. Because you are using more muscles to lift the weight you will not get the required pump in the targeted muscle and reduce your gains accordingly. When training to increase the size of your muscles you need to look at the weight as your tools that you use and not train to impress your ego or your friends. Strict form is the only way to safely increase muscle size without getting injured at some point. Using a very controlled positive movement for at least two to three seconds up and three to four seconds down should be an important part of this strict training that you do with any exercise. To be able to mentally focus on the muscle you are working on and always looking for a way to squeeze out at the peak when contracting a muscle is key to increasing size. You can also increase TUT by not locking out so that you maintain the tension throughout the movement. Locking out on squats and bench-press is just an excuse for a rest as you maintain the weight that you are holding onto by using your skeletal system to hold the weight and not your muscles that you are training. Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
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Do You Lift Too Heavy to Gain Muscle

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