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     Fitness Tips For 8/23/2006 

Faster Muscle Growth Tips
By Dave Kergaard

There are many variables that must be included into the making of 
a successful routine.  Why do some people seem to make gains 
quicker than others?  Why do some people workout hard, yet don't 
seem to make any gains?  I have literally watched hundreds of 
people in the gym over the years and can easily see why some 
make gains and others do not.  First of all, let me be very 
clear.  There is no magic pill, no magic formula, or magic 
machine, although television infomercials would lead you to 
believe otherwise.  Let me also be very clear that when I make
recommendations, I make them for the natural trainee.  
When steroids enter the picture, it becomes a whole new 
ballgame.  This is a ballgame that I will not discuss. 

Set some goals.  Have a picture in your mind of what you want 
to achieve and how you want to look.  A lot of factors can 
play a part in this initial goal setting, such as: genetics, 
age, old injuries, past surgeries, exercise experience, and 
energy levels.  Be realistic when setting your goals, but 
more importantly, you have to be realistic in your time 
frame for reaching those goals.  For example, losing 
thirty pounds of fat and gaining twenty pounds of muscle
can be a realistic goal, but doing it in one month is

Understand what intensity means.  One of the main differences 
between success and failure in the gym is the intensity level 
of the workout.  I often tell people that we have been told 
our entire life that failure is a bad thing, but in reality 
failure in the gym can be extremely positive.  Squeezing out
those last few reps and taking the working muscle to failure 
or close to it can result in excellent muscle gains.  If you 
are doing ten reps of a set keeping it strict and squeeze
out 10 reps, but if you can go on to 12, 13, or 14, then you 
should.  By not taking the muscle close or to failure keeps 
your muscles from developing to their full potential. 

Strict movements should be the only way.  It is absolutely 
imperative that momentum be taken entirely out of the 
exercises. When doing wide grip lat pulldowns you should 
only lean back far enough so as not to hit the top of your 
head with the bar.  Too many people let their body pull 
the bar instead of allowing the back muscles of their upper 
body to do the work.  Standing barbell curls should be 
completed strict so the bar shouldn't touch or bounce off 
the thighs during the bottom part of the lift. This takes 
the momentum out of the lift and puts the stress directly 
on the muscle intended to do the work.  By keeping your 
reps strict it makes you mentally focus on the muscle you 
are working.  Again we have the mind muscle connection. 

Time is of the essence.  I have said it for years that the 
two biggest problems that I see in the gym are people not 
having a plan and taking too much time.  In order to get 
maximum results from your workout you must keep the time 
short between sets.  A sixty-second rest between sets 
should be the maximum time allowed.  If you are working 
with a training partner, then the only time you should take 
between sets is the time it takes your partner to do his or 
her set.  This enables you to achieve a maximum muscle pump. 

Know your exercises and know them well. Why would you want 
to come to the gym and waste your time and not make any gains?  
The answer is obvious, you wouldn't!  I know variety is the 
spice of life and variety in your training is a great way 
to keep from getting bored.  If you choose to do four or five 
different exercises for each muscle group, then understand 
that not all exercises work the muscles in the same way.  For 
example, the standing barbell curl is going to build biceps 
more than seated concentration curls.  The close grip 
bench press is going to add size to the tricep much faster 
than tricep pressdowns.  Cable crossovers, as much as people 
love them, will not ever build your chest like good old 
bench presses. Stick with the basic exercises and build your 
physique from them.

Don't spin your wheels when you are in the gym.  Know 
what you are doing and put your training program into high 
gear.  Do this and see some positive changes in your 

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