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     Fitness Tips For 8/30/2006 

My Gold's Gym Workout at 59!
By Patrick L. Deu Pree
Lifetime Bodybuilder

I had a good birthday workout at Gold's. I had a power bar before 
leaving, I could feel it at 4:15 am. I was on the road by 4:35. 
Stopped at Big Jim's Donuts here in Glendale for a cup of 
pre-workout coffee. Hit the gym and had a second powerbar 
and could feel the blast furnace heating up inside. Put on my 
workout sweat suit, belted on my workout belt and hit the main 
floor. Gold's Gym, Venice is something else at five in the morning. 
There were quite a few people there already.

First thing, I hit the Nautilus Ab crunch machine, two sets of 
twenty with increasing resistance. Then the Nautilus low back 
machine for two or three sets to warm up the lower back. I 
was ready.

Bench press time. I sat on the bench at did twenty five reps with 
the empty bar to warm up the chest and shoulders. I put some plates
on the bar and did five reps. Added more plates and did five more, 
keeping the reps low for a power movement. I added more plates and 
went to three reps, getting a good pump.

I wanted a picture taken of me so I pulled out my camera and 
convinced one of the guys working out on a bench nearby to take a 
picture of me sitting on the bench with a good view of the workout 
room behind me along with the Gold's Gym sign. He snapped off the 
shot and I did two more sets.

It was time for dumbbell inclines to pump the upper chest.
I made my way over to one of the dumbbells racks along the wall. 
Found an adjustable bench, set it at the proper incline and picked 
a good pair of dumbbells. I don't mention poundage, it isn't important
and besides, I can't do nearly what I did when I was younger, I 
hit my last real good strength peak when I was 45. I go for the 
pump, to maintain muscle mass, to fight the demon of age, It works. 

I a ten rep set and felt the pump real good in the upper pecs, a 
second set yielded only five reps, I had really tired out the chest. 
I was done.

It was time for what bodybuilding great Zabo Kozewskie used to 
call "boiling oils"...Squats!

To many, the most hated exercise of all, the most feared exercise in
the world, there are so may misconception about this, the greatest 
muscle building exercise in existence, Squats are the king! And it 
was time to worship at the almighty squat rack.

I made my way across the main workout floor, more people had  
filtered in and were hitting it hard on the various machines and 
pumping the dumbbells over by the far wall...

There it was, standing there, an imposing sight, challenging me! The 
squat rack...I approached and did a twenty rep warmup with the empty 
bar. I wanted to do some low rep work today and have my picture 
taken in the low squat position so I added plates and began the 
progression of five rep sets. I added plates each time, after four 
sets I worked my way down to three reps sets...I was ready. I 
wanted another picture taken.

A guy on a machine nearby was obliging, he knew his stuff, so I cradled
the bar across the back of my shoulders and stepped out from the rack, 
he was positioned so he could get a good sideways shot with the main 
Gold's Gym sign in the background. I told him beforehand, "I will hit 
the deep position and pause, that's when you take the shot."  He knew 
exactly what to do. It came off perfectly. Good shot!

I finished off with one set of twelve reps of stiff legged 
deadlifts. I lowered the bar, riding it along my thighs and stopping 
at mid shin, didn't need to go any lower at my age. At the top point 
I shrugged, feeling the traps take the burden. Great, deadlifts done 
I headed across the room to the dumbbell rack and did one set of t
wenty reps of dumbbell shrugs, lowering the dumbbells slowly each 
time to really feel the deep burn in the traps...nice!
Time for lats!

I headed into the center training room filled with various machines 
from wall to wall and stashed under a staircase as well. I went 
directly to the Nautilus pullover machine. My first experience with 
the Nautilus machines was back in 1971 at the original Gold's on 
Pacific Speedway in Venice. The machines were plate loading and
belonged to Franco Columbu. I had read the year before, 1970, in 
IronMan magazine then published by Peary Rader, about the Arthur 
Jones creation and about his work with Casey Viator. One workout 
on the Nautilus bicep and tricep machine had yielded a half inch 
gain on my arms in one workout! So these machines, when I can 
find them, are favorites of mine.

I placed myself in the seat, fastened the seatbelt to hold me down 
and hit a warmup..then three successive sets of 15 reps down 
to 10 for a great lat pump. I left the machine with that nice, 
full feeling under my arms, my upper body was expanding...

Seated Nautilus military presses next for three successively 
heavier sets from 15 down to 8 reps, my delts were 
really burning!

Time for biceps. I headed over to the Nautilus bicep machine and
hit three sets for a great pump then moved to the tricep machine
for more of the same, my arms felt really pumped.

Next came the for way neck workout on the Hammer Strength plate 
loading four way neck machine. I hit all for sides and then did 
some forearms curls, both ways, overhand and underhand grips for
two sets each of 25 to 30 reps.

I was done, another whole body workout done, it took about an 
hour and 15 minutes.

I headed out the door and hit Norm's Restaurant in Santa Monica 
for a great breakfast of steak and eggs!!!!

It's great to be 59!!!!

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