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     Fitness Tips For 10/18/2006 

Mixing Bodybuilding and Powerlifting Workouts

I believe in three core exercises that will help you excel 
in bodybuilding. But let's face it, some exercises are hard 
and that is why most people skip over them. They will add a 
whole new spectrum to your body size and strength. Squats, 
which most true bodybuilders perform. Deadlifts, which are 
done by those who are gluttons for punishment. Cleans, 
which aren't usually thought of, but can give you an awesome

Below, I am going to go through each of the three exercises. 
I will discuss the form of performing the exercise for a 
bodybuilder's needs. Then we will look at how that differs 
from a powerlifter's techniques. The main theme is that 
bodybuilders do these exercises to gain muscle mass and 
strength. Powerlifters are doing these exercises primarily
for strength.


When I say squats, I am talking about squats using nothing
except a power rack and barbell. No Smith machines or benches 
to stop you at the bottom of the motion. Plain and simple, a 
heavy barbell on your back with which you want to squat down and
stand back up. Pretty simple, right? This leg exercise, 
primarily for the quadriceps, will enhance the entire body.

Bodybuilders will want to do squats with a poundage that will allow 
you to get 12-15 reps. The last rep should be all you can do. If 
you have a good spotter, the last rep should require a little help. 
By the way, spotters should stand behind the lifter squatting with 
each rep. There are two different ways to spot someone doing squats. 
First, you can place one hand on the lower back with the other hand 
wrapped around the body, supporting the squatter's chest. This will 
allow you to help the squatter stay vertical. The second way is to 
just use your arm as hooks under each armpit. This simply allows 
you to help the squatter up.


Deadlifts are best used in a back workout. Beginners often view 
deadlifts as a leg workout. However, the back is more involved.

Powerlifters will usually do only 1, 2 or 3 reps for deadlifts. As 
a bodybuilder, I like to shoot for 4-6 reps. This lets me work on 
core strength while getting enough reps to help stimulate growth. 
Another difference is that powerlifters use many different stances 
with their feet. You can and should play around with this yourself 
and find the most comfortable position. I have found that the 
traditional shoulder width stance is best for me. After I started 
doing deadlifts a few years ago, my back became thicker. It also 
gives one more confidence having a strong back.


A very different exercise. I believe cleans will help you more 
with just core strength, balance and stability. This will, in turn, 
help you with all other exercises. When you gain more control over 
your body, you can do better at all other exercises. I prefer to do 
cleans during my shoulder workout. I will compliment my shoulders 
by doing a clean and press. Doing military presses while standing 
will really take it out of you. This exercise is hard to explain 
with words. If you aren't already familiar with the clean, 
research it and find pictures showing the correct technique.

You must be careful doing cleans. It requires a great amount of 
control. Start out light and get used to the movement. Move up in 
poundage slowly. Be sure you have strong abdominal muscles to 
control and hold your upper torso. Do this exercise clear of all 
equipment, people and ceiling fans (trust me on this one). 

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