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Nitrobol Review

If I could sum up my experience with Nitrobol in one word all I 
would say, GAINS!

This product got me better lean results than any other supplement 
I have ever tried. The energy I got before my workouts with the 
very first workout until the end of my two bottles only got stronger
and more noticeable, I felt like the incredibly lean hulk :) I took 
my bench press from a PR of 225 for 5 to 225 pounds for 16. My squat
rose from 225 pounds for 8 to 225 for 15! The only complaint I have 
about this product would be that I don't have an lifetime supply. 
I went from 215 at 23% bodyfat to 200.8 at 12% bodyfat in 2 months
and with this product the sky is the limit.

Taylor Valentine
18 year old bodybuilder

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     Fitness Tips For 4/22/2015

Workout Like A Boss

When it comes to working out you have to go hard, hot and heavy if you want to make real progress. In other words you have to workout like a boss. You can't coast in the gym if you want to see gains in your muscles. You have to get in there and attack the muscles with stacks of weights. Here is a workout like a boss routine that lets you do just that: Workout 1 Incline Bench press 4 x 8 Decline Bench press - 3 x 7 Pec Dec - 3 x 10 Seated Behind Head Press - 4 x 8 Dumbbell Lateral raise - 3 x 8 Upright row - 2 x 10 Hammer Shoulder shrugs 2 x 10 Workout 2 Squat 4 x 8 Hack squat 2 x 7 Leg extension 2 x 7 Seated calf raise 2 x 8 Calf press on leg press machine 4 x 10 Leg curls - 3 x 10 Ab raise with dumbbell 2 x 20 Workout 3 Deadlift 3 x 7 Bent row 3 x 7 Hammer row 3 x 7 Wide Grip Chins 4 x 7 Barbell curls 4 x 8 Incline Hammer Curls 3 x 7 Close grip chins 3 x as many reps as possible And that's a workout like a boss routine you can put into play. The first two sessions can be done back to back but allow 2-3 days rest between the other sessions. Go to Muscle Express Training Submit A Fitness Tip If you have a tip you'd like to share e-mail it to us
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Workout Like A Boss

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