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Casey Viator Training

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Casey Viator and High Intensity Training

Casey Viator training regimens draw people's attention for a good reason: champion bodybuilders know their stuff. And, of the many bodybuilding champions in history, how many have achieved the fame than he has?

Has there ever been a bodybuilder more famous than Casey Viator in terms of the size and shape of arm and forearm development? Perhaps some others can claim tremendous "guns", but few have achieved fame for their workouts ability to build the look that Viator has been able to. Then again, when you are a long time bodybuilding legend, such accolades are well deserved.

Casey Viator Routine

One reason the Casey Viator training routine was so awesome was it remained one of the most high intensity workout programs ever in bodybuilding history. And considering how hard some professional trainers train, Viatorís program is enormously high in intensity by comparison.

So, what does it involve? There is a three-pronged method to the Casey Viator competition training methodology. (No, he does not train this high in intensity in retirement) The program includes training 3 4 days a week; training to utter failure to boost muscle growth; and using the pre-exhaustion method that combines training isolation exercises to failure and then switching to a compound set. Yes, this is a very high intensity workout and when employed for the arms and forearms, they will grow significantly.

However, it is important to point out that this workout was performed by Viator when he was training to compete against the biggest names in the bodybuilding business during the golden age of the sport. Those looking to just get in shape can modify the program to their experience levels and personal conditioning. Even simply taking one component of it could prove to be helpful. That is, only training the pre-exhaustion method could lead to success even by not adding the other components of the Viator training method. Those that are training for competition, however, may wish to look closer at the Casey Viator training system.

Casey Viator Arm Training

Concentration Curls
Standing Cable Curls
Standing Barbell Curl
Alternate Dumbbell Curls

Lying Triceps Extension
One-Arm Overhead Triceps Extension
Bentover Kickback
Seated Triceps Extension

Casey Viator Forearms Routine

Seated Wrist Curl Palms Up
Reverse Curl

Yes, Casey Viator was one of the greatest legends in the history of bodybuilding. Following his strategy can certainly prove helpful if you want arms and forearms such as his.

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