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Cybergenics Workout Program and
Cybergenics Diet Success Stories

Renowned medical expert, Steven Crawford, M.D., calls it "a true and unprecedented milestone in the field of sports medicine- a natural product that really works in adding pounds of pure muscle - fast."

H.K.Panjwani, M.D., PhD., and member of the exclusive Royal Society of Medicine says, "The Cybergenics Total Body Building System is unlike any other product currently available to athletes anywhere. It is truly an amazing breakthrough in the science of physique enhancement that can enable anyone who uses it to add a significant amount of muscle to their physique in a very short time."

Renowned fitness expert and celebrity trainer Darryl James, whose client list includes names like Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall and the Jackson Brothers, to name a few, calls the Cybergenics Total Body Building System "the absolute most effective means of building muscle in the world - a program that works better than anything else anywhere."

Eric Dorsey, super-star defensive end from the Super Bowl Champion, New York says, "it made me bigger and stronger than i ever thought I could be. This product is amazing beyond anything I could even imagine."Dave Hawk, Mr USA and Mr World. Cybergenics "the most incredible thing I have ever used. It literally changed my physique. I could not have developed my physique to this extent without it"

Charles Durr, NPC Mr. USA and possessor of the world's most massive physique says, "There is nothing else that works like Cybergenics - nothing even comes close."

Muscle Training Illustrated reported that 'Cybergenics Total Body Building System seems to have a metaphysical mystique about it - like an ancient formula with Herculean power that chisels the body into Adonis-like proportions."

The Cybergenics Total Body Building System is based on a bedrock of reliable scientific research. the mechanism which promotes unprecedented gains in lean body mass is based on an ingenious and extremely sophisticated theory called Anabolic Matrix Alteration (AMA). The premise of this theory is that the mechanism of metabolism can be emphasised as a priority metabolic cycle through the implementation of a broad, but extremely exacting scope of stimulus. This theory, nearly a decade old, is drawing critical and unprecedented support from members of the scientific / medical communities.

Dr. Doug Price, from the Council of Sports Injuries and Physical Fitness and a six - time All-American shotputter says: 'Cybergenics AMA theory is redefining the way we look at building muscle. The concept is brilliant and indeed very impressive."

The Cybergenics Total Body Building System utilises seven concentrated isolate formulas that are the cornerstone of this amazing system. They are unlike any other mere nutritional supplement. These isolates are pharmaceutical - grade nutritional substrates which contain proprietary blends and compounds which cannot be produced in any other product in the world. They have been formulated to exact specifications in a proprietary delivery system called CyberTab™ which makes these critical components more bio-available than ever before possible. In Total Body Building System, the purity and potency of these amazing compounds." The Cybergenics Total Body Building System is a complete system is a complete system that takes all of the guesswork out of building muscle. Nothing is left to chance. The program incorporates a highly specialised revolutionary regimen that works in conjunction with isolate supplementation.

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