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Exercise Software Review

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X-Size Exercise Software

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Fitness Software for Real People
As much as we may not want to believe it, everyone knows that long term weight management requires both diet and exercise. Is your ideal body simply hiding behind a layer or fat or would a bit more muscle tone help too? If you're like most people then changes to your lifestyle in terms of diet and exercise will help you lose weight and keep it off.

Let's face it, starting an exercise program isn't rocket science. Adding a 1/2 hour of walking each day is a great start. Once your heart, muscles and mind get used to the extra walking you'll be ready and excited to add new exercises. Marathon runners don't start running marathons, they start with small workouts and as they get in beter shape progressively run longer distances in shorter and shorter amounts of time.

But how do you know when you're ready for more? How do you know if you need to push yourself a bit harder or give yourself more time to improve? Keeping track of your exercise routine is the best way to keep an objective eye on your progress. Numbers don't lie and when you see that you're walking the same distance in less time you'll know that you're ready to add a few more miles to your walk, start running or even train for a marathon!

Exercise Goals and Weight Loss
When we think of exercise, often times we remember high school physical education or a failed attempt to get in shape in the past. The real secret of weight loss is making small changes to what we eat and what we do to burn extra calories each day. For some people, this is jumping right into an exercise program and for others this is walking after dinner, parking further away from store entrances or doing video aerobics in our living room. The common element for each of these methods is burning more calories.

Anyone can start a workout program, but in order to lose weight it is important to stay on the workout program. Just like yo-yo diets don't help us lose weight, starting and stopping workout programs do little more than make our muscles sore. The key to success is setting and achieving reasonable goals. FitBody Pro helps keep you on track by comparing your workouts to your exercise goals in order to give you immediate feedback on your progress.

By setting exercise goals with FitBody, you can start exercising and know when you're ready to move onto a more challenging program.

Anaerobic & Aerobic Tracking
Achieving your health and fitness goals is best accomplished when you exercise your body aerobically and anaerobically. Tracking both of these types of workouts towards your goals is imperative to continually pushing your body to improve.

The problem with most approaches to tracking progress is determining what the goal should be. Many programs attempt to give you feedback in terms of total pounds lifted or total minutes of exercise. Unless you're a piece of industrial equipment, these numbers mean nothing in terms of health and fitness.

The FitBody approach is one in which you or your personal trainer determine what your fitness goals should be for an individual exercise (e.g. bench press or Nautilus Skate Machine). You are then able to track your exercises and receive feedback on how well you're progressing towards achieving your goal.

For anaerobic exercises, this is typically a weighted goal such as "I want to bench press 150 lbs." For aerobic exercises, the choices are more flexible in terms of time or distance. FitBody allows you to track your aerobic progress in minutes or distance. Sometimes you'll want to work towards higher numbers (as in distance running) and other times you'll want to work towards lower numbers (as with sprints or racing).

Numbers and Sense
You're not likely to carry your laptop computer around the gym so successful workout tracking depends on keeping things simple. Until gyms install workout tracking kiosks (hopefully with FitBody installed), the best way jot down what you do in the gym is with pen and paper. Technology just doesn't mix well with dumbbells and sweat.

Instead of forcing you to track your workouts in new and odd ways, FitBody is designed to track exercise in the same way that professional trainers do. Sets, repetitions, weight, laps and time. These are the common sense numbers that form the numerical results behind our workouts. FitBody uses these same common sense numbers to provide you with additional information (like workout histories) that paper based log books can't.

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