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Weight Loss Advice

Re: Weight Loss Advice

Posted by: Scott Ismari (ismari@ctnet.net

You need to find a competent program and stick to it. changes will not happen over night, you have to be patient. Allow yourself some freedom of indulgence once a week as a cheat day to keep the rest of the week on track. Dont fall for every fad diet that claims " instant" success or weight loss. It just doesnt happen that way. If you do lose weight from them, most of it is water weight and will be regained as soon as you stop the diet. The more garish results that are promised by the diet, the less likely it will work on a long term plan, and that is what you are looking for, a sucessful long term , permament weight loss plan.

Incorperate weight training along with cardio to give yourself a balanced approach. Dont over train or get in the rut of " more is better". Overtraining simply stagnates advances. Watch what you consider as a "diet." Diet is simply what you eat in a given day, no more no less, regardless of what or how much or little you eat.

The best approach to diet is to eat 5-6 small evenly spaced meals throught the day to ensure a steady flow of nutrition and energy levels. If you eat too much at once, the excess gets stored as fat. If you dont eat enough, the body slows down and stores what little you do eat as fat because the body does not know the difference between actual starvation and self induced cut back

Whole natural foods and moderate amounts of everything is the best approach for the general fitness advocate. Just shy away from boxed foods, pre processed foods, fast foods and fried foods as much as possible. If it sounds fat or high in sugar, it usually is.

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