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Mike Mentzer official website

Posted by: George

What is going on with the Mike Mentzer website? Most of the books listed there are sold out or out of print and when I tried to order one of the books that was available it wouldn't let me. What is happening? Are they out of business? Is this the end of Mike Mentzer's legacy?

Please help,


Re: Mike Mentzer official website

Posted by: Paul

I knew Mike Mentzer before he died and find this very sad. I have been following this and Joanne Sharkey the person that runs the official Mike Mentzer website made an announcement a couple of years ago that she will be selling off the books she has in stock but once they are all sold out, she has no plans to reprint them any more. And that she decided to wind down the business and retire.

More recently she has said that she has been ill and is not currently taking new orders or responding to any emails or calls. She said she is in no rush to return to doing so and she does not know how long it will be.

I hope she gets better soon, but like I said I find it sad that those great books are out of print. You can find some on eBay and Amazon but they can be very expensive as rare hard-to-find books often are.

I do still have some of his DVDs in stock, I have both the HIT Workout video at https://www.trulyhuge.com/Mike_Mentzer_HIT_Video.htm and the Underground Seminar at https://www.trulyhuge.com/mike-mentzer-underground-seminar-dvd.html

I have also studied every article, book, audio, video, interview, etc. that Mike has ever done, I also corresponded with him from the late 1970's up until the time he died, and was even personally trained in the gym by him, so I think I am very qualified on answering any questions about Mike Mentzer or his Heavy Duty training, diet, nutrition, etc. Feel free to email me any questions at info@trulyhuge.com

I plan to be around and active for a long time and I will make sure that Mike's legacy lives on.

All the best,


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