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Mohamed Makkawy and Vince Gironda

Posted by: Ken

Hello, I recently read your interview or article about Mohammad Makkawy at https://www.trulyhuge.com/mohamed-makkawy-today.html, where he denies being trained by Vince gironda, and wanted to write. As a trainer, it is unfortunate to see many people, including Muhammad, fail to recognize those who truly help them. In this case here are quotes fro and article written by Muhammad from 1983 where he clearly states that his trainer is Vince gironda.

This Year I Will Win - Mohamed Makkawy (1984)

"It is very difficult to hold a contest peak for even eight days, because at least a week before the contest I am practically starving, living only on special amino acids that I get from my trainer Vince Gironda. When I enter more than one contest, as is the case this time, then I must stay on this diet an extra week."

"The reason that I am going for more definition is that I expect my chief competition to come from Frank Zane and Samir Bannout. Both these bodybuilders are very symmetrical and well defined. Therefore the strategy of my manager, Ken Wheeler, and my trainer, Vince Gironda, has been to get me as cut to the bone as possible. But I must also have better development bodypart by bodypart in order to win. That is why, for example, I am doing so much work on my back. Frank and Samir both have excellent backs, so I must have too. Also by emphasising the arms I think I can overshadow them in the arm poses."

"My posing routine will still use 'Chariots of Fire' as a musical background, but I have made a few changes in it to try and show my back, shoulders and arms more. Vince has worked with me on this routine - I have just come back from training in California with him for two weeks and he says I am ready!"

If one looks at Muhammad's posing, they can clearly see that Vince gironda the innovator of classic posing, was his trainer and influencer. The same goes for his diet, which included tons of amino acid as Muhammad clearly outlines.



Re: Mohamed Makkawy and Vince Gironda

Posted by: Paul

Hi Ken,

I let Mohammad say what he wanted to say, but we all remember the many articles where he said he did work with Vince.

Also Vince himself said "Mohamed Makkawy was an absolute joy to train. He would listen intently to all I had to suggest." see https://www.whowasvincegironda.com/mohamed-makkawy-workout.html



Re: Mohamed Makkawy and Vince Gironda

Posted by: Ken

Hi Paul, that's great! Thank you so much for your reply. I was hoping that readers were not mislead. As a big fan of Vince's during the early and mid 80s, I read as many articles written by him or those that pertained to him and his training. I wish bands could watch Muhammad pose before he began training with Vince and after. The difference is clear. Vince gironda posing from the 1940s his exceptional and, in my opinion, was the vehicle to push posing in the direction of the 1980s routines.

I hope all is well.


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