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Mike Mentzer recovery time

Posted by: Carlos

My name is Carlos. I been training for a good 9 years plus. I recently discovered Mike Mentzer's philosophy and training, which I found very interesting and wanted to give it a try myself. I'm now even been experimenting and implementing what is working, as in reducing sets, training to a appreciable degree of intensity, and recovering. You would not believe the complaints I get on my body, and I'll I did was reduce the volume by half the sets and sleeping earlier as well. I even read Mike Mentzer articles and just really grasped how important recovery was, especially from intense training, especially people with impaired recovery. With full body workouts, I noticed I recover very well with 4 days of rest in between and appreciate it to where I have free time to do anything. When I finish with my full body training my next splits are gonna be do, chest & back, quads & hams, then shoulders & arms, then split muscle group training. But just needed some guidance on how to recover from them or when to take a off day? I definitely am appreciating recovery way more now especially from the growth and changes in the mirror and have gained a little bit a weight too.

Re: Mike Mentzer recovery time

Posted by: Paul

When Mike Menter was competing as a top bodybuilder, he trained half his body, rested 1 or 2 days and trained the other half of his body, rested 1 or 2 days, etc. But you have to remember that Mike had amazing genetics for bodybuilding and did take steroids.

Later when he worked as a personal trainer and worked with steroid free genetically average people, he found that most people need shorter workouts and more recovery days. So he had people workout Chest and Back, then take at least 3 days rest, workout Legs, then take at least 3 days rest, workout Shoulders and Arms, then take at least 3 days rest, do Legs again, etc.

You really should learn as much as you can about Mike Mentzer's full training theory by watching the Mike Mentzer's Underground Seminar Video and see exactly what the workouts looked like in the gym, including exercises, form, rep speed, etc., by watching the Mike Mentzer Workout Video.

If you have any other questions about Mike Mentzer or High Intensity Training email me and I'll get back to you with an answer as quick as I can.

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