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Forearm Strength

Posted by: Jesse Tillotson (jst1@keene.edu)

I just got back into the gym for the first time in a couple years.. (Yes, YEARS :-( ) and obviously I'm sore, but I've discovered a problem with my current physique that I don't know how to remedy.

When doing hammerheads (bicep curls with fist perpendicular to ground) I found that I could not lift even a small dumbell (forty or so) above 90 degrees without my fore-arm failing on me.

The particular area in question is (in the anatomical position ) in the closest muscle to the body below the elbow. To describe it better, if you look at your right arm with your palm facing your face, the group of flexor closest to the elbow to your left. ( I hope somebody can figure out which one I'm talking about)

I'm having a LOT of trouble targeting this muscle to make it stronger, and the only thing I've come up with looks pretty ridiculous, so I'm assuming there must be a better targeting work-out.

Any clues on how to strengthen this section of my fore-arm? Thanks!

Re: Forearm Strength

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