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Static Hold vs Isometric

Posted by: John

Is a static positive contraction against an immovable object equal to a static negative contraction holding a weight in the contracted position and fighting the back pressure? If they are different, is one superior?

Re: Static Holds With Weights vs Isometric Exercise

Posted by: Paul

In a static hold you take a weight that is heavier than you regularly use and you hold it in the fully contacted position until you can't anymore and then you lower it as slowly as you can.

With isometrics you either work your muscles against each other or against some fixed object.

The missing element in isometrics is fighting the negative pressure during the holding and the lowering.

Both Arthur Jones and Mike Mentzer said the "Negative work" is one of the most important factors for increasing strength and building muscle mass.

So, while there are benefits to isometrics, static holds with weights is the superior form of exercise.

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