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Super 21s For Increased Arm Size

Posted by: Ron

Who invented this exercise is unclear. What is clear is that Vince Gironda used the super 21s with great success on himself and with his clients

Perform the Super 21s for greater arm size

Vince Gironda was a very creative man and would never settle for the status quo. He’d continuously read through medical journals, read books and anything else he could get his hands on. He also liked to experiment on himself with exercises. He even mentioned in Vince Gironda Books how he spent hundreds of hours experimenting with new routines and exercises.

One exercise that he experimented on paid off. He called it Super 21s. Vince never claimed to have invented it but versions of it have been credited to others. His is somewhat of a combination of body drag curls and manipulating reps.

Here’s a quote from one of his courses on the Super 21s:

“Try doing 7 full BB curls keeping the Bar close to the body, in order to keep the elbows pointing down at all times, lifting the elbows forward takes the stress off the bicep, by assisting with the deltoids. Next move, 7 Reps is a 1/2 rep from neck to horizontal and back to neck, when touching neck again remember not to lift elbows forward and relieve the stress on the bicep. Third move, bar horizontal down to thighs and back up to horizontal’, or waist level. During the performance of this exercise keep inter muscular contraction at a high level. “

Make sure you choose a lighter weight than usual because the there will be substantial lactic acid built up after 21 reps. You will get an extreme pump in your biceps which will make way for renewed growth in your arms. You’ll be expanding your arteries and building new capillaries so your body can keep supplying oxygen and nutrients to all the cells even with the additional demands put on it by this exercise.

For fun, you might want to measure your arms cold, before doing the Super 21s and right after you’re done all your sets, just to see how much of a pump you get.

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