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The Colorado Experiment

Posted by: Paul

Is it really possible to gain up to 60 pounds of muscular weight in 28 days?

Read about the Colorado Experiment, Casey Viator training with Arthur Jones using High Intensity Training.

The Colorado Experiment: A breakthrough study that produced the largest muscle gains ever recorded: 63.21 lbs in 28 days.

The experiment was devised by Arthur Jones, inventor of the Nautilus training machines. The main test subject was Casey Viator, a professional bodybuilder. However, Jones also took part in the experiment as the second test subject.

The experiment took place at the Department of Physical Education at Colorado State University. The experiment was supervised by James E. Johnson, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Radiology and Radiation Biology and Dr. Elliott Plese, Director of Exercise Physiology Lab of Colorado State University.

The experiment started on May 1st, 1973 and ran through May 28th, 1973. Casey Viator followed the protocol for the full 28 days. Arthur Jones completed only 22 days.

The Results

During the 28 day experiment, Casey Viator saw an increase in bodyweight of 45.28 pounds. Allegedly, he also lost 17.93 pounds of fat in that period. So his overall muscle gain was 63.21 pounds.

During his 22 day stint, Arthur Jones saw an increase in bodyweight of 13.62 pounds. However, he also lost 1.82 pounds of fat during that period. So his overall muscle gain was 15.44 pounds.

The Workout

The style of training used was "HIT" or High Intensity Training with extra emphasis on the negative portion of the exercise.

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